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    Arizona Mule Deer 20A

    Yes, that should have been my specific question to avoid the scoldings and furrowed brows. "Is there any one that has been in Arizona Unit 20A to hunt mule deer in late October?".
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    Arizona Mule Deer 20A

    That's a good point. I don't have tons of time to research units. It seemed like a good unit but I just talked to someone yesterday that gave me a pretty horrible prognosis for that area. Also, with the different states' draw deadlines coming at different times my schedule and hunts that I have...
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    Arizona Mule Deer 20A

    I think I may have just drawn Arizona Unit 20A for mule deer in late October. I'm kind of discouraged and think I may have just wasted my money. . . It sounds like its a lot tougher hunt than I thought and may not be worth my time. Any thoughts? Should I ditch the tag? I bought Point Guard but I...
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    Chesnimnus Spring Bear

    I should be drawing the Sled Springs/Chesnimnus spring bear tag this year. Any one have any idea when the snow melts up on top? Obviously it's variable but would be curious when it does on a typical year.
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    20' Spring Bear

    I've hunted the Mt. Emily for bear. How'd you do? Did you go in right behind the snow?
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    20' Spring Bear

    What's your load for the 280 AI if you don't mind me asking?
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    Salewa Crow - Brand New $180 shipped , Euro Size 42.5

    I'm looking to go with a different size and it's too expensive to ship it back overseas (Amazon UK). They are brand new. I have only tried them on inside. I will sell them for $180, shipping included. PayPal F&F. Salewa has a great reputation with a no-blister guarantee. These are a well...
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    Paunsaugunt Utah Mule Deer

    My wife and I are taking a site seeing trip through Utah. I was hoping to go find some big mule deer bucks to show her. It will be the 1st week of October. Does anybody have any suggestion on where to go to easily see some good mule deer. I realize this is a random question but seeing this is...
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    Kifaru Reckoning vs Stone Glacier Sky Talus 6900

    Any one used either one of these? Do you have things you like or dislike?
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    Moose Hunt

    My Dad has about 15 moose points. Does anyone have any good input? He's thinking about cashing them in as he is 62 and his knees are really starting to bother him (ones already replaced). He trying to put in for something that he can get almost a 100% with good bull ratios. It doesn't...
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    Danner Grouse, Size 8

    I have some Danner Grouse boots that have never been worn that I'd like to sell for $220 OBO. Please PM me if you are interested. I usually wear a size 8.5 but Danner boots seem to run slightly large.
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    Kuiu Hooded Kenai Jacket

    Here it is.
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    Kuiu Hooded Kenai Jacket

    I'd love to sell my Kenai hooded jacket in Verde, size Large. It's like new and only worn a couple of times. I'll post pictures if anyone is interested. I'd love to trade straight across for a Kenai in gray, no hood. I want the hoodless in gray as I just don't where this one hunting enough and...
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    Non-Insulated Boot Suggestions?

    Any suggestions on good non-insulated hunting boots? I'm looking for something that I can use for September-October Oregon weather. Has anyone used the Crispi Idaho?
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    Knife Sharpener Advice

    I recently just purchased a couple of Benchmade knives. I'm looking for a good knife sharpener that will not remove blade material but is relatively easy to use. Blade edges are set at 30 degree angles for Benchmade. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good sharpener? I know that Benchmade...
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    Can't Get Broadheads To Fly

    So I'm having a horrible time getting my broadheads to fly. I had the old Muzzy 100 grains and they do not fly well. Then I was told that the new Muzzy Trocar's would fly similar to field points and be much more accurate. So I bought some. When I first took them out of the package one of them...
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    New Bow

    I was hoping to get a little advice on a new bow (for me, not necessarily new). I've shot a few new bows made by Hoyt and Mathews. They all run about $1,000 or more. It seems you can get a slightly older bow for much less. I've also shot some of the new Bowtech bows and really like the BT-X, but...
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    Prime Elk Time

    So I was hoping for a little general elk hunting advice. I drew a good Oregon elk tag that goes from the 27th of August to September 25th. There are only about 50 big bull tags for the hunt but there are quite a few spike hunters. I can't hunt the whole season but I'm going for a week the second...
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    Land Owner Maps

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a digital land owner/public/private boundary apps? I was thinking that OnX might be a good one. It seems like it might not be effective when cell service is limited.
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    Bike Trailer

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a bike trailer? I need one for this year's elk hunt.