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    Colorado Unit 66

    Looking at burning 13 points on archery unit 66. I am in no mans land like many others, just curious if anyone that has hunted 66 and their thoughts on burning points here. I have some Wyoming knowledge for archery elk that would be willing to share! Thanks
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    Archery elk colorado unit 66

    Looking at burning colorado points, like many I am in no mans land with 13 points. Does anyone have any have any insight of unit 66 if it is worth burning points. I have knowledge of wyoming and would be willing to share some info. Thanks, much!
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    Wyoming elk unit 38 vs 45

    Hello, I have 11 years banked and looking at burning it on 38 type 9 tag or 45 type 1 and hunting last 2 weeks of September with archery stamp. I am a experienced archery elk hunter, but asking advice from anyone who has hunted or scouted these units. Pretty much a once in a lifetime hunt so...
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    Wyoming elk unit 38 type 9 vs 45 type 1 with archery stamp

    Hello everyone! I am new to the group! Looking for a little advice form elk hunters that may have hunted unit 38 or 45. I have banked 11 points and I think I could draw 45 type 1 or 38 type 9. I am primarily a archery hunter and if choose 45 would plan on hunting the last two weeks with...