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    AZ deer/sheep draw

    Mine hasn’t got hit, but I don’t expect to draw. Congrats!
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    WY Draw Odds & Numbers

    Hopefully Ill be living there by then :D
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    WY Draw Odds & Numbers

    Im in no mans land with 6 points for deer and elk and 5 for antelope. I think Im gonna ride it out for antelope and deer but try to burn the elk points next year. Ill never draw a top unit unless its in the random. The only issue is I dont want to leave 2 points on the table for a general...
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    Wyoming leftover elk options

    Im thinking really hard about picking up an elk tag. Im dying to go on my first elk hunt and get a little experience before burning points. Kinda regretting my spring turkey hunt right now
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    Optics For Sale

    What are your payment options? May want that spotting scope
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    WY Draw Odds & Numbers

    Yeah I noticed double digit point dumps for region tags, and not good ones. Im guessing people tired of point creep and the threat of 90/10 plus outfitter welfare which would actually make it 90/5/5. I plan on dumping my elk points next year. Hopefully 90/10 wont be in play next draw
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    WY draw 2022 deer & ant

    The west side of the bighorns
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    WY draw 2022 deer & ant

    Draw odds are up btw. After a quick glance I could’ve drawn one of the November hunts if I put it first choice. Looks like lots of point creep around medicine bow.
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    WY draw 2022 deer & ant

    That’s a given. Just wondering how many are dumping points on lesser units. And I’m curious what some of the new November deer hunts are going for
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    WY draw 2022 deer & ant

    I’m more interested to see the draw odds vs. my results this morning
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    WY draw 2022 deer & ant

    Unsuccessful. I can’t believe I didn’t beat the 2% random odds.
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    WY draw 2022 deer & ant

    I put in for a long shot first choice. I wanted to try one of the new hunts this year but decided to change my app at the last minute due to family stuff in November this year.
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    Okay I drew a tag in Elk Unit 45 in WY now what?

    It's not that people dont want to help, but year after year people join the forum and ask for help on their first post and then never return. Stick around and youll get some help. Ive never hunted elk, but I did deer hunt that elk unit a few years ago. I saw one solitary elk the few days I...
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    Wyoming Unit 25 Opportunities

    Just curious why you would switch to 25 if youve had good luck down around Kaycee? Both are region Y general units arent they?
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    Mule Deer Region M

    I've used the MyTopo maps and have been happy with them. You would have to get a map for each area in the region
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    BLM seeks public input on public land access

    Looks like a pretty good idea. Didnt see where the map from 2020 has opened any access though
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    Colorado Primary Draw Results will be Posted Online May 31-June 3

    Just points for me this year. Ill burn them one day i guess
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    WY 90/10 Deer/Elk/Antelope Question

    Wonder what kind of kickbacks the task force would get from the outfitters? :unsure:
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    Element Turkey Gun by Weatherby

    Just picked one of these up for ducks
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    What did you draw?