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    Changes to SD NR hunting, WOW!

    Just going to leave this here. Yikes.
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    4 Canadian wolves air-dropped in US national park to deal with moose
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    Wolves slaughter 19 elk in Wyoming
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    Badlands Bino X harness

    Up for sale we have a Badlands Bino X harness is excellent condition. I could not find any stains, rips, tears, or signs of use. Appears to have never been in the field. $75 shipped. Payment via pay pal.
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    Eberlestock Nosegunner Bincoular Harness

    Up for sale we have an Eberlestock Nosegunner bino harness in excellent condition. Appears to have never been used in the field, no cuts, stains, or signs of wear. $75 shipped to your door. Payment via Pay Pal.
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    The rollercoaster elk hunt

    As the title mentioned this was quite the journey in the making and all started when I moved back to Laramie in May of 17. So last year I had to wait my year. Fast forward to Oct and I am extremely excited to finally get our and hunt elk. A huge front came in for the opener and dropped temps...
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    Wyoming General Mule Deer

    Was able to get out for the opener last week in Wyoming. Hunting some public land on the Eastern side of the state I was fogged out Monday morning but managed to bump several bucks as I walked around for about 3 hours expecting the fog to lift at any minute. One of which I believe was a much...
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    Another bear attack
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    Bear Attack Victim Video. WOW

    I have been keeping a close eye on all the recent griz attacks and was particularly taken back by this video.
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    Vortex Ranger 1000 Rangefinder

    Unopened. $200. Paypal add 3%.
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    Tuning and Arrow Weight

    I have a bowtech captain that I am trying to tune and wondered if anyone might have a suggestion on what to try next. Purchased in Casper at LC Bishop back in 2011, I have had it restrung once about 4 years ago but it did not change anything. I have always been able to get pretty good groups...
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    2018 Kansas Draw

    I had a family trip planned to Oklahoma this fall and we had been looking forward to hunting an familiar area in Kansas on the way down. Somehow I managed to not draw my tag for unit 2 which really surprised me as there were 466 tags issued last year and only 375 first choice apps, and I had...
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    7,000 apply for Griz in WY JACKSON, Wyo. (AP) - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has received about 7,000 applications for the state's first grizzly bear hunting season in 44 years. Agency spokesman Renny MacKay says the...
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    Mountain Goats found dead

    Hate to see this. BRECKENRIDGE ? Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers are investigating a poaching incident where two mountain goats were shot and killed near the summit...
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    For those looking to upgrade binoculars this off season

    I ran across a deal on a pair of Maven B2 11x45 binoculars and I though I would pass this along in case this particular model was one you are considering.
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    CVA Breech Plug modification for Blackhorn 209 powder

    If you have an older CVA and have tried to shoot Blackhorn 209 you have likely experienced issues. Blackhorn simply does not ignite reliably in factory CVA breech plugs. It's gotten so bad that they started selling breech plugs specifcally made for Blackhorn 209 powder but only for the V2...
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    Fantastic deal on Binos

    Post edited by mods so I went ahead and deleted it.
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    Rentals in the Sheridan or Buffalo Area?

    My family usually meets up for thanksgiving somewhere in the Sheridan or Buffalo area. We have done some VRBO rentals near Story the last 4-5 years but are looking for a new place. This is for 6 adults, 3 kids, and 1 dog. We usually watch some foot ball and hang out but I am going to try and...
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    Friday Laugh, Hunting Stereotypes

    This had me laughing. And so true in many cases.
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    Vortex Fury rangefinding binocular?

    I was curious if anyone has tried this particular model? Seems that it might be appealing to a segment of hunters who find that range of optics a good value as well as replacing a second piece of gear in a rangefinder...