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    Duck spreads for river hunting

    Looking for tips regarding setting up duck spreads on moving rivers! I have hunted the same stretch of the same river in Colorado (public land, but pretty unknown spot) for years, and every year we are quite successful without any sort of decoys - but now we're wanting to add decoys just for...
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    New Member from Colorado

    Hey there! My name is Ali, I'm from Colorado and am an avid hunter (bird, deer, pronghorn, elk, etc). Though I always have successful hunts with all other animals, I've yet to have a successful year elk hunting! I elk hunt GMU 18 with my dad, and we've gone all over the unit but with next to...
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    Co gmu 18

    I have been hunting CO GMU 18 for 4-5 years now, and my dad many more than that. We have yet to drop an elk. A few missed opportunities, my dad missed a shot years ago, and I missed a cow last year (only shooting lanes was standing on a fallen tree...i found out when I shot that it was iced...