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    Wyoming elk, deer , antelope comissioners tag

    Not sure if anyone will be interested, but I run the Weston County ducks unlimited. This year we have received a comissioners tag for elk, deer, or antelope good for any area. We will auction it off at the dinner banquet and will be accepting phone bids. More details to come as the banquet nears...
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    antelope brats: to smoke or not to smoke

    Hey everyone, My wife and I are processing her antelope and she wanted to turn most of it into brats. We have a kit from hi-mountain seasonings. The directions say that if you are to boil or cook on high heat, do not use any cure. My question to you is, should we smoke these brats after we...
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    Wolves in the Big Horns

    I've heard through the grapevine that a group of hunters from my hometown drew area 39 type 9 elk tags. They are up hunting right now and have not seen an elk in the area they usually have good luck in. All they are seeing are wolves. I haven't talked to them directly but its going around town...
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    Saskatchewan and Manitoba moose outfitters

    My friend and I are trying to plan out a moose hunt in 5 years. We have kids no older than 4 and want them to be a bit older so we can take off for a week a lot easier. We live in wyoming and we're thinking it would be easier driving north to saskatchewan or manitoba. Does anyone have any info...
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    Black hills elk hunting

    I went up to check out my trail cams around noon today. I was about 50 yards from the first one and I bumped a large bull. He already had a group of cows with him. I checked the trail cam and started on to the next and he was bulging up a storm. Started raking trees and rounding up his cows...
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    Wyoming drop camp outfitters

    I'm trying to plan a drop camp elk hunt with my dad for his retirement. I was wondering if anyone knew of any outfitters that offered drop camps in the wind river mountain areas. The lander side or big sandy area would be my areas of choice. I don't really need horses but I would pay to pack...
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    Grizzly hunts

    The game and fish has come up with a plan and will hold a grizzly season in 2017. I'm pretty excited about this. It needs to happen. Just hope they have their ducks in a row with Idaho and Montana so they don't get it shut down. Resident tags will be $600 and NR tags $6000. Sounds spend until...
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    Dropping the Ball

    About 3 or 4 years ago in NE Wyoming, there was a huge big game bust. There were about 5 people that got indicted on federal charges for the lacey act and were charged in federal court. The state said it had so many cases to deal with it would take a year to get everyone into court. There was...
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    Maven Optics

    Has anyone tried these out yet? They are out of Wyoming and relatively new I think. They say they are high end optics at medium prices. Going to the website it looks neat that you can design your own colors and lots of other stuff before you buy. Thinking about picking up a pair. Just don't...
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    Use of Trail Cams.

    I use to think that using a trail cam during hunting season was harmless. I guess it depends how they are used. There are a group of hunters where I'm from that seem to keep staying one step ahead of the elk and 2 steps ahead of everyone else. Every year they go for "a drive" and always seem to...
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    .300 Win Mag

    Been thinking about picking up a .300 Win Mag for a good elk/moose gun. I should be able to hunt moose in about 5-6 years. I will use it for elk along with my .270 until then to get use to it. I have looked at a lot of reviews of a few different brands of rifles for the .300 and they are all...
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    Elk Ivories

    Anyone know of anyone close to NE Wyoming that makes elk ivory jewelry? Would like to stay in Wyoming of course but would ship to Colorado, Montana or Idaho. Want to send my wifes elk ivories off to make a necklace or earrings of her first elk. Thanks for the help!!
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    Helping out other hunters???

    Last year I helped out another archery hunter. He was having trouble getting shots at elk. He stopped by my camp and asked if I could help him the next day since his partners had to go back and work. I somewhat knew this kid since he is from the same town. I accepted his offer since it would...
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    Big Sandy Area elk

    Anyone hunted units 96-98 for elk? I want to hunt moose their in 7-10 years and thought about hunting elk in that area. My uncle and cousin hunt it once in a while and seem to tag out quite often. I would hunt moose for area 3 or 5. I know that it gets some heavy snow later in the season...
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    A Rare Opportunity

    My father and I have been invited to go on an elk hunt with a guy in town we know. His family and him head over by Dubois every year for an elk hunt. This coming year he has offered us to go along. The invite comes as an honor to us since this year will be his 60th straight year hunting in...
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    Wyoming Raffles!!!

    Wyoming will be selling raffles for the Super Tag, and Super Tag Trifecta. They go on sale Jan. 2nd and the drawing will be held the end of May. The Super Tag allows you to hunt any of the 10 big game animals you choose in any open hunt area. The Super Tag Trifecta will allow the winner to...
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    Meat hunting vs. Trophy hunting

    I grew up being taught that game animals were meant to be taken for food on the table. Getting a big buck or bull was just a bonus that rarely happened. Wyoming is forever indebted to the great Teddy Roosevelt. He made Wyo a state of many firsts (national park, forest, and monument). He also...
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    The Bugling Begins!!!

    Talked to some buddies who said the bulls are finally bugling in my hunt area. We have had about 90 degree temps the last 2 weeks so the elk laid low for awhile. Opening weekend was very quiet (except for other hunters bugling away). Ran into some cow elk tag holders who were bugling to call in...
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    Lets see your dog

    Wallace Kea, who passed away unexpectedly last summer. She was a killer retriever!!
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    Colorado's Loss, Wyoming's Gain??

    In the Wyo news today, they talked about Wyo trying to get a gunsmithing school started in the Cody region. This is in part of all the gun companies leaving Colorado and looking North to Wyoming. This would be great for our state to get these businesses to move in. Hopefully this will all go...