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    Colorado Deer Hunt

    I am looking to burn my 7 deer points next year.. Looking at unit 79 fourth season.. Looking at this unit it looks to be pretty good.. Success rate looks good.. Doesn't look like they give to many tags out for all seasons.. Access looks to be good.. My only concern is private land low... Can any...
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    First Hunt In Wyoming

    We made our first trip to Wyoming Big Horns. This was just a scouting mission. For next year. We filled one cow tag out of two. I didn't have a tag. I was sitting with my little brother. When he shot his cow. There was several bulls with the group. In the am. I was with his father in law. We saw...
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    Colorado Mule Deer Hunt

    I am looking for sum general info. On GMU 69 or 84. I am a nonresident with 2 pp. And this is a rifle hunt. Just looking for general info. Hows the deer numbers? Is there a lot of hunting presure? Is one of these better than another? My orginal plan was to save my points. But at the age of 43...
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    My Wifes First Deer.

    Last saturday she finaly got her chance. I bought her a 270 wsm. And a vx3 3.5-10x40. And she made a great shot. High through the shoulders. She never took a step. 140 accubounds did the job.