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    Eastman's Click Bait- National Elk Refuge To Starve Elk

    If you haven't read it: Disregarding the topic of winter elk feeding and just talking about the title of the blog post: I know this is how anti-groups get the...
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    Unit 45 Elk- first rifle

    Well NM draw came up empty handed for me this year but my wife drew first rifle elk for unit 45. We live up in the east mountains so logistically this one wont be to bad. We also have two pack burros, so we are able to pack in. I haven't spent much time up there except for a backpack trip up...
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    Goats & Elk : Unit 310- Taylor/Cache/Sage

    Looking for some information on Elk/Deer district 310. My dad drew the goat tag and I'm going to do OTC archery elk/deer in the Taylor Creek drainage. Any goat or elk info would be much appreciated. I have a couple of pack burros and willing to do some walking. Kinda of a last minute trip...
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    Bear -direction?

    With my lack of elk/deer drawing this year, I'd like to still get out and do some hunting/packing for bear. I live in the ABQ area so I'm looking in the Sante Fe NF (Pecos Wilderness). I hear all sorts about hikers running into bears there. Is it worth a shot? Should I be looking in a different...
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    Packing with burros/donkeys

    Thought some of you all might enjoy this. Bought two donkeys this year and I am getting them setup to pack with this year. Headed out in a week for a trip into the Gila Wilderness for archery elk, then to MT for archery elk. If anyone has any packing tips, they are greatly appreciated, I...
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    There are good people in elk country

    This year I set out to try and harvest two wilderness bulls with my bow. One in New Mexico where I am a resident and one OTC in Colorado . I drew Gila wilderness in New Mexico and picked a wilderness area in Colorado . This is all DIY backpack style. Long story short I got it done but met some...
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    Cabelas Warranty Ethics

    So questions about the Cabelas Lifetime Warranty came up in another thread. My question is - How far do you take it, how to interpret a lifetime warranty, and when should you take advantage of it? I have used it the last few years on boots, about every two years the gore-tex goes out. So I...
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    Avian X decoy reviews?

    So after years of banging around cheap hot buy mallards I have decided to upgrade. I live in New Mexico with pretty well educated ducks and hunt a area that has lots of ducks but in small concentrations- so I'm looking at getting a hand full of top quality decoys. I've been looking at Avian X...
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    Comments on Sawyer Mini Filter

    So I bought a sawyer mini filter kit for a upcoming hunt in the gila wilderness. This was a lighter weight option to my current Katadyn pump. Just wanted to put a FYI out there that filtering water with the sawyer becomes an event, not just something you do. Took about 45 mins to fill a 1.5...
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    Unit 16B- Archery 1st Hunt

    I searched the forum for information about 16B and couldn't find anything but I do apologize if I'm the 1,000th post on the gila wilderness. I drew the first archery elk hunt for 16B/22 as well as the archery deer tag for sept/jan. I was in the unit last year with a friend on the second archery...
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    Little Snowies (Elk Hunting around Lewistown)

    So I didn't draw a breaks bow tag so I'm on the search for a plan B elk area. This weekend I checked out the south little snowies (swimming woman creek) and the amount of public use suprised me. Has anyone hunted this area during bow/rifle season? Is it a zoo? I can see ATVs running around and...
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    Enough bow for a bear

    This spring will be my first black bear hunt here in MT and I would really like to attempt to take one with my bow. This brought up a question- how much bow do I need? I shoot a older PSE Bruin with 100gr Muzzies at about 60-65 lbs. Should I look at getting a heavier broadhead or upping the...
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    DIY Yeti

    Even though it hit -25 this week here, for some reason I am thinking about coolers. I saw a couple videos about making a Yeti style cooler out of just about any cooler. Essentially they just put a cooler in a spray foamed or syrofoam insulated box. Has anyone on here done something like that?
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    Horse Hunting Season

    Now that I have your attention: With the wild/feral horse debate back in the media (WY governor suing BLM) my friends and I have often joked about having a horse hunting season. Many other countries happily eat horse. Now before I'm called heartless, barbaric, and other words, I'd like to...
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    Which decoy to choose?

    After a lot of research I have finally decided on a ecaller, the foxpro wildfire 2, and I figured I'd pick up a decoy while I'm down at cabelas as well. I'm looking at some of the foxpro decoys- the jack 2 which attaches directly to the call or maybe the jack daddy. I've heard the lucky dog...
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    Yellowstone goose hunting

    So I've heard the late season goose action can be pretty good on the yellowstone in the billings area. Does anyone know if that holds true eastwards towards forsyth and what not?
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    Montana Bull

    Chased a big herd bull all morning, only to keep and got about a hundred yards above where him and his cows were bedding. Let out a few soft lost cow mews and this guy came busting up to me from some other timber. Think he wanted in on some of that lost cow action. Walked straight up to me...
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    Missouri River Breaks Road Conditions

    Hey all, I'm sure many of you heard but over the weekend eastern Montana got 5-8in of rain in two days. Many, many, many roads are trashed and impassible. Culverts gone, 10-20ft washes. If you are planning on heading out to any of the missouri breaks districts I would call the local BLM office...
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    Creative way to display skull caps

    So I have about a dozen skull caps with antlers from muley and whitetail bucks I've shot over the years. None are giant but were worth packing the antlers out but I didn't euro them. My question is does anyone have any creative ideas of what to do with them. I want to avoid cutting the antlers...
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    Pack weights

    Starting to get ready for scouting season and I was thinking that I have never actually weighed my full pack. I'll hopefully put it together this week and get a total scouting pack and hunting pack weight. I was wondering what do you guys have for total pounds of gear you take in on a backpack...