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  1. Winchester

    Colorado Primary Draw Results will be Posted Online May 31-June 3

    Just a reminder. Good luck everyone.
  2. Winchester

    Colorado Sheep & Goat Results Are Out

    Colorado Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goat results are posted on-line and emails are going out. Good luck everyone!!
  3. Winchester

    Colorado Application Deadline

    Remember, the Colorado Application Deadline is tomorrow, April 5th at 8 pm MT.
  4. Winchester

    Antlers are Dropping

    This guy is behind my house right now. I took the picture and backed out. No, I didn't pick up the shed ...
  5. Winchester

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone !!
  6. Winchester

    The Rut is Kicking In - Colorado

    I woke up to two bucks fighting behind my house with a dozen does watching. The bucks went at it pretty hard before the smaller one was driven off. After he left the winner checked all the does but didn't breed any. Looks like the rut is kicking in.
  7. Winchester

    Swarovski Bino's

    I am looking to generate a few hunt dollars with equipment I don't use/have replaced in order to generate funds for hunting trips and other equipment needs. I bought these Swarovski 12x50 EL's a year and a half ago. I only got to use them on one hunt and they're like Brand New. They cost me...
  8. Winchester

    Colorado 2nd Draw Results posted Tomorrow

    The Colorado Secondary Draw results are scheduled to be posted on 6 July. Good luck to everyone who applied!
  9. Winchester

    First Fawn

    I just saw my first mule deer fawn for this year. It was very small and it was still just a little wobbly on its legs.
  10. Winchester

    New Pup

    We got a new Chocolate Lap Pup yesterday. 8 weeks old. I think he's gonna be a good one!
  11. Winchester

    NRA Files for Bankruptcy

    Some news networks are reporting the NRA intends to file for bankruptcy.
  12. Winchester

    Happy Father's Day !!!

    Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's on the Forum!! I hope everyone has a great day (y)
  13. Winchester

    Bullet Preference for Savage 111

    My daughter just bought a new Savage Model 111. Can anyone with a Savage tell me which type of factory ammo it tends to shoot the best? Thx!!
  14. Winchester

    Spring Bear

    I posted previously about a .28 Nosler custom build I just completed with my gunsmith. Well, I just took it on a Spring Bear, spot and stalk, hunt in Montana last week and got this nice big boar. He's 350 lbs and about 6 1/2 feet long. I stalked up to 200 yards and one shot (through the heart)...
  15. Winchester

    Bison License Application Info Letter

    I applied for a Bison tag in the Draw (like many of you I believe) and I just received an e-mail from the WY Game & Fish Department with the following info. Did anyone else receive this ... I'm guessing everyone did. What do you think? Dear Hunt Area 2 Wild Bison License Applicant, You are...
  16. Winchester

    My First New Rifle in Forever

    I've been hunting my whole life with the pre-64 Model 70 Winchester my Dad bought in the '50s. I'm happy with it and I'll still use it but after spending a few years reading everyone's posts about other interesting rifles I finally decided to try one. In coordination with a local gunsmith we...
  17. Winchester

    Hidden Basin Outfitters

    Has anyone ever heard of Buck Wilson and Hidden Basin Outfitters operating out of Jackson Hole? Any comments ... good or bad ? Thx!
  18. Winchester

    Colorado MRS

    Hey guys, Dumb question I know, but has this year's Magazine been published with the Colorado MRS? I get both the EHJ and EBJ but I haven't seen it. Maybe I missed an issue?
  19. Winchester

    Hunter convicted of illegal wolf kill in Grand Teton National Park

  20. Winchester

    Stika & KUIU Pants - Waterproof ?

    Hey guys, In the "Game Changing Gear" Thread folks are talking about buying KUIU Attack Pants and Sitka Timberline Pants. I didn't want to hijack that tread so I'll ask here ... I know those aren't "rain pants" but are they water-resistant at all? Thx.