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    Sitka bino harness giveaway!

    Thank you very much. Mine showed up today. I have a very happy 14 year old.
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    Son gets his 2nd bow kill

    Congratulations I need to hunt Arkansas sometime. Beautiful country down there
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    New crossbow

    I have a Wicked Ridge I bought on clearance about 3 years ago that I really need to get sighted in. I have a friend that wants my boy to come thin some does down for him with it
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    Sitka bino harness giveaway!

    Sorry about the blood. We were just caught up in the moment. He still talks about this buck. I love hunting with my son
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    Hammer Hunters

    They look really good. I like the .17 offerings and the light 6mm for the 6x45. I might have to get some to try out
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    Who else is...

    Glad to see you guys still hammering it. I have been away from the gym way to long. I could make excuses about moving and trying to get a homestead going plus work being crazy but the truth is I lost focus. Working on my diet now and looking to start the 75 HARD challenge with my wife to see if...
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    Wyoming NR general tags - how many point required this year ??

    This will be me next year.
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    Wildlife task force, 90-10, etc.

    Since I don’t know where does the money from NR go if it doesn’t fund wildlife in the state of Wyoming? And drawing odds for a NR are getting worse every year. I can’t even draw a tag to take my boy hunting the last 2 years. Sad news is hunting is on life support. It sadly has become too much...
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    17 Remington

    I have one in an AR. great coyote rifle and easy on the pelts. It's my go too if saving pelts, if not then the 6x45 gets the nod
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    App Results Coming Soon *Via Email*

    What looks good to you? I'm looking and don't see anything really in the deer or antelope list. Kind of checking the elk over just not sure if the boy is ready for that, but I need to get something figured out for this fall. Might have to look south on some whitetail hunts
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    Opening morning

    I might pm you some questions if you dont mind?
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    WY NR Elk Draw Results Tomorrow

    I figured it would go up. Wyoming isn’t a hunt every year state anymore I’m afraid. Between deer antelope and elk a guy is probably going to be lucky to hunt once every 3 years. And we aren’t far off from points for the reduced tags either
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    Opening morning

    I’d love to do some hunting out there for turkeys. The way the draw has been going might be the only way I can hunt Wyoming lol
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    Opening morning

    Will do. Thinking about Kansas Oklahoma and a trip out west next year maybe.
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    Opening morning

    yep we need to get out and find some property to chase some birds on. Here in northern Missouri lots of ground is leased up. We have 10 acres that is all pasture with one tree line. But right behind us is a little over 100 acres of timber. We are trying to get permission for it. Right now we are...
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    Opening morning

    I really need to find a better place hunt this kid really wants to get his first turkey. But we are having a great time together this morning. He is teaching me all about flying. Great way to spend the day together before his track meet tonight
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    Youth Double

    Congratulations nice job
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    Who else is...

    Glad to see you fellas still after it! I’m on the side line slipped on the ice and broke my ankle. So now I’m just working out the IPad planning hunts for the boy and I this year. Keep after it guys
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    2020 Whitetail Success Thread

    The boy tagged 3 this year. A doe in Wyoming then we had a special youth management hunt he drew. Shot a big doe at 254 yards. The next night (it’s a 2 day hunt) he finally got a wall hanger. His nicest buck so far. At 262 yards. In the same spot as the big doe.
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    2020 left over list

    Thanks. Go deep. I was going to call you this week. I know you said after thanksgiving giving. December was pretty busy up until I broke my leg.