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  1. Pronghorn73

    Idaho Moose, Goat, Sheep results.

    Results are on-line now. Anybody draw?
  2. Pronghorn73

    Antelope Cape Value???

    I have a good antelope cape that has been froze for a couple years, not sure on the neck size but it's in the large range and in good shape. I have someone that wants to buy it, and not sure what I should ask for it. Any taxi's on here or anyone that could give me a ball park value???...Thanx!
  3. Pronghorn73


    Love all 4 of my kids, very rewarding (17,14,7 and 5)........A pictures worth a thousand words!!!
  4. Pronghorn73

    Tradition and Passing it On...

    My great grandfather in 1929.
  5. Pronghorn73

    Viva Naughton ice fishing.

    Was thinking about doing some ice fishing maybe last week of Dec. Does Anyone know if Via Naughton is fishable now or will be by the end of the month? Has anybody fished it yet? How did you Do?
  6. Pronghorn73

    Idaho deer, elk, antelope draw results!

    Results are up on IDFG website............. anyone draw good tags?
  7. Pronghorn73

    Idaho moose, sheep, goat draw results.

    Results are on IDFG website now. Anybody draw? No luck for myself or my wife on moose this year, maybe next time!
  8. Pronghorn73

    Training dogs for shed hunting

    Curious as to how many of you use dogs for shed hunting, and how do you train a dog to find sheds? I have a 1 year old chocolate lab and am interested in any special techniques or training methods, thanks, Brandon.
  9. Pronghorn73

    Idaho whitetail

    I need some help. I have never hunted whitetail in ID but have wanted to for years, hopefully this year. If any of you guys up north could help it would be great. Maybe some good general areas to go, hunting methods, best time of year and just what to expect. I'm not to picky about size for...