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    SD Mountain Lion

    Harvested this awesome lion in Custer State Park in SD back on Feb 7th. Weighed 143lbs and was 7-9 years old. Here's a few pictures. It was a DIY public land hunt.
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    Backpack Antelope

    Has anyone ever backpack hunted for antelope? and if so, what did you do for water? I have a back pack trip planned for this fall in antelope country where dang near everything is stock dams or maybe a very slow moving creek. I know the water might taste nasty but do i have to worry about...
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    South Dakota Antelope

    Check out my buddies goat he shot recently. He did the filming and i threw it all together. I have the wrong song listed down on the video...whoops! Haha Let me know what you think of it all!
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    Is there a way there could become a predator hunting section up with the species? I know mountain lions are a subject that some people would like to touch on and maybe wolves?
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    SD Public Land

    I've hunted SD for mulies for several years, lets see how others have faired in this great prairie state.