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  1. JimP

    CC Hits are Happening For Utah

    As the title says CC hits are happening for the Utah draws
  2. JimP

    Colorado Shed Hunting Restrictions

    There was a lot to be said in the thread about Utah shed hunting so I thought that some might enjoy reading what the Colorado restrictions are.
  3. JimP

    Over The River and Down The Road to Arizona I Go

    While everyone here is talking about putting in for tags, what unit to put in for, and the lack of reloading supplies I am going to head to Arizona for the HAM's javelina hunt that starts this coming Friday. And yes the quail hunt is still going to be going on but by now those little buggers...
  4. JimP

    Colorado to Ban Hunting Bobcats

    Now that I have your attention, I just saw this on FB on the Eastmans page and since there are members here who may not have access to FB I'll post a link here to the Senate Bill that they are talking about that would ban hunting for them...
  5. JimP

    Utah's 2022 Big Game Application Book

    The book is now online for those who are interested:
  6. JimP

    Sportsman's Warehouse News

    Just saw this about Sportsman's, the merger is off perhaps due to one of Bidens executive orders
  7. JimP

    Not Sitting At Home

    Well, the other day I decided that I wasn't going to sit at home while everyone else was out chasing animals so without a deer tag that never showed up for me in the draw I headed down to the local store to pick up a bull elk tag and go sit in my spot to see what might wander past. Well, after...
  8. JimP

    Coming To Colorado for the Hunts

    If you are getting packed up and getting ready to head to the high country of Colorado be prepared for wet and sloppy conditions. The snows and rain last week did a good number above 7000-8,000 feet so be warned.
  9. JimP

    Posting Questions

    I Was wondering If anyone else is having the Same problem that I have While posting from a browser on a phone. While I am Posting a reply my letters will jump from lower case to Upper case for no reason. I'm using the Latest Version of Fire fox on a android phone. I even wiped out the...
  10. JimP

    Time For Spring Hunts Applications

    It's that time again to put in for the Spring of 2022 hunts in Arizona. I didn't draw my Spring javelina for 2021 and I found out why. My hunting partner didn't buy a hunting license for the draw last year and his old one expired before the draw, so he wasn't eligible. But because I had my...
  11. JimP

    Prepping For Africa 2022

    I figured that I had better start getting prepped for my upcoming trip to South Africa in June of 2022. So knowing that my rifle that I am going to take had not been shot since I was there in 2015 and it had gone through 4 different airports since I had shot it I thought that I had better check...
  12. JimP

    Dead Head

    I was looking at Facebook this afternoon and came across this. Sometimes I wonder if people can read or if they just don't comprehend what they read.
  13. JimP

    It's Time To Get HIP

    OK, you procrastinators, it is time to get your HIP number for the start of the dove season. You don't want to be caught in the field on your phone as the DWR officer is walking towards your group trying to get one.
  14. JimP

    Spot Opened up for June 2022 African Hunt

    A spot just opened up on my 2022 African hunt. Any takers, you may have to jump in fast since there are 7 other hunters who also have this offer to ask around. I have a 10 day, 10 animal package for around $6500 The initial deposit will need to be sent fairly quickly if you are the first...
  15. JimP

    I-70 Detour Pictures

    Instead of muddling up the Colorado monsoons thread with some stupid pictures here are a couple of vehicles that tried to take a detour with no idea of where they were going. I don't think that any GPS or mapping software would of sent the drivers to these places. This first one is of a...
  16. JimP

    Searching For A Very Small Block & Tackle

    The title says it all. I am looking for a small block and tackle that will fit in a pocket or not take up much room in a pack. Years ago I saw them small enough that would almost fit into the palm of a large hand but I haven't been able to find any now. I have larger ones that will hoist a...
  17. JimP

    Anyone Else Sitting In line For A Tag?

    Well, do we have anyone else sitting in line in hopes of snagging a tag this morning? I took a look at the leftovers yesterday and my second choice unit for deer muzzle loader has a single tag left over. My third choice has two tags. Who knows I might get lucky.
  18. JimP

    Spammer Selling Components

    While not on this site I came across this information on another forum and thought that I would pass it along. DO NOT BUY from barrelammodepot dot com The poster said that he came close to being suckered in until the lights came on and he saw it for what it was.
  19. JimP

    Colorado Secondary Draw

    Well the list is out for the secondary draw and to my amazement I have found that there are tags available for the unit that I put in for on my third choice in the primary draw. Me smells something fishy going on here. As most know I couldn't believe that I didn't draw a deer tag in the...
  20. JimP

    Burris FastFire 3 8 MOA Red Dot Reflex Sight

    I have Burris FastFire 3 8 MOA Red Dot Reflex Sight with a Picatinny Mount for sale. I have used it for a few years on a Beretta 96 and decided to go a new direction as far as sights. I will also include the mount for the Beretta 92/96. Installation is fairly easy on the Beretta, the...