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    Opening morning

    I really need to find a better place hunt this kid really wants to get his first turkey. But we are having a great time together this morning. He is teaching me all about flying. Great way to spend the day together before his track meet tonight
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    2020 left over list

    Does anyone have a copy of the cow elk left over list for last year when it came out? Was going to go general this year but I broke my leg and won’t have the funds to enter the draw. So looking for a plan B thanks
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    My sons first trip out west

    Well we headed out Wednesday morning and stayed the night in Rapid City. We looked over the map and made a plan. Well we found out from mom that we had left our tags on the kitchen table. So Thursday we head out get to town and reprint our tags. On a whim we picked up a doe whitetail tag for my...
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    Unit 27 whitetail doe

    Does anyone know if there are any whitetail running on public in this area? My son drew a doe antelope tag for the area and I was trying to get him another tag. We have sold our house and will be home less for a month before we close on the new place we are buying. So we will be bouncing between...
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    Wyoming unit 40/41

    How are the whitetails on public in these 2 units? We didn’t draw any tags this year so scrambling trying to put something together for my boy it’s was going to be his first hunt out west and out of state. Looking at maybe trying for some leftover doe tags. Pm if you have any info. Thank you
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    Thinking about coming back

    I haven't hunted Colorado for 18 years. I elk hunted there 6-7 times. My son is 12 and ready to go out west. My buddy and I have been hunting Wyoming for the last 8 years and it's getting tougher to put a hunt together every year. If a guy was wanting to look at an area for deer or cow elk what...
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    Well I finally got momma set up in the basement

    My wife has been wanting to move her gym into the basement for awhile. With work and school I just haven’t had the time. We finally got it done after Christmas break
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    Good hunt Saturday night

    Well it had been a rough season for us. We didn't see a deer the first youth season and I had to miss all of rifle season by being in Detroit for work. Well we got out friday and didn't see anything but saturday night we had a nice big doe come out at 70 yards. One shot with the .243 and he had...
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    Youth points question

    What happens to a youths preference points when they turn 18? Do they go away? Trying to decide if I should by my son a moose point and let the building start
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    Well hooked a new guy

    Left out on the 21st (my anniversary) for a few days of Antelope hunting. I brought a new guy from work who had never been hunting before. Well we did good 5 guys all tagged out on doe antelope and had a great time. My buddy made a couple great shots and his antelope’s went right down. We talked...
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    Sage grouse help

    Thinking about taking a shotgun along antelope hunting this year. I've never hunted any sage grouse. What gauge and type of shell to use? Can a guy just walk some up? Thanks for any tips or help
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    Youth point questions

    So my son is 11 can I but points for him this year since he will be 12 before the seasons start next year? I want to start banking points so he can have an awesome elk hunt his senior year. I can't navigate the wyoming site very well. Thanks for any help
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    My kids you tube channel

    My kids have started a you tube channel. MREfamily they are trying and reviewing MRE meals and will be doing other freeze dried long term storage foods. If you get a chance check them out and give them a like and subscribe. The videos are a little rough starting out but hey they are trying...
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    Camp?ng in deer units 2,4

    What's the options for camping in unit 2 or 4? We have an in closed trailer we hunt out of. Will the Forrest service camp grounds be shut down during deer season? Trying to find an area to set up camp and then look at our options from there. Thanks for any help
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    Wyoming General deer units

    Ok guys help me out and rank the general deer units from best to worst in order for me. Going to throw my name in and see if I get lucky next year.
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    Trail camera?

    Is there a cheap, good, easy to use camera? My grandma likes to feed animals behind her house. She has a dang coyote that is pretty much a dang pet. It sits out there and waits for her to feed him. She would like to set up a trail cam to see what types of animals are showing up. And I haven't...
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    Clothes wash

    What do you guys wash your clothes in after the hunt? What detergent? No fabric softener correct? Thanks for any help
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    The boy putting meat in the freezer

    Well the boy filled his buck tag tonight during youth season. I had to work today so we had tonight to hunt. Mom is going to take him out tomorrow night to try and fill his doe tag. 45 yard shot right in the heart. I'm so glad he loves hunting like I do. He stoked to go to Wyoming in 2019...
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    Deer leftover list

    Anyone have a copy of the leftover list when it first came out? Please and thank you
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    Cabelas ISQ tent

    Like new used 1 time in Wyoming antelope hunting. It has the roof protector and 3 pods. One pod was set up in the back yard none have ever been used one still in the box. It's in great shape ready to go. $500 no shipping. I'm in missouri headed to Laramie Wyoming next week so could meet there or...