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    CA Introduction of Bill SB 252 Prohibit Bear Hunting

    Clueless legislators, pushing laws to please emotional causes is the new norm around here. Nothing surprising me anymore in this state.
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    NM unit 30 youth hunt success

    Congratulations on an awesome hunting adventure making lifelong memories!
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    Guys in the market?

    I think it really depends if you are talking about individual stocks or funds. And what kind of funds. I certainly wouldn't be all in, in one area. I focus on how much the fees are per fund for the return for my stuff. Recently, I moved it to a target date fund and won't touch it. If your...
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    2021 Fishing

    Sounds great. I took my son deep sea fishing for his birthday last year out of Avila and had a great time. I plan on doing that again this year.
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    and it's only September 9th!

    Sounds like out here on the central coast sunday it was 118 now its only 60.
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    new Outdoor Edge knife giveaway - 20 knives!

    I clicked on the link and entered (I don't have fb). You shouldn't have a problem.
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    Eastmans Tag Hub

    There are some tutorials on the eastmans you tube that show you how to navigate and filter.
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    Eastmans' TagHub Summer Giveaway!!!!

    Sweet. Good job on the you tube tutorials for tag hub.
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    Advice for new .22 pistol

    I have the walther p-22, i like the size, but don't like how the barrel is attached to the frame. It makes breaking it down to clean it cumbersome.
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    Vortex Diamondback spotting scope

    I would save up for the Razor 65.
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    New from California

    My Dad and I. Nevada 2015
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    New from California

    Hello members, I recently found this forum and enjoyed reading the posts and figured I join. I grew up deer hunting with my dad in the central coast of California. I'm looking forward to contributing where I can and reading about other people's adventures. Cheers, Riley