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    Antelope hunting boots

    I'm looking for some pronghorn hunting boots. Looking for something lightweight, breatheable, and highly resistant to cactus. Do you guys have any suggestions?
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    Minimalist hunting/hiking boots?

    Been doing the "barefoot running". Was wondering if anyone else does and what hunting boots you use?
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    Bino Pack

    I just ordered one of these yesterday: I was looking at the badlands one but didn't seem like it would work with another pack. Searching the web I found this one. I'll let you guys know how it works out. If you call to order one be careful the...
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    private land owner info maps

    I had seen these mentioned in Eastmans: This is just some of the info # Public Lands with Unique Colors # Landowner Name Appears on Each parcel in the state! # Includes Parcels within the city Unfortunately that info is only available...