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    Who else is...

    Come-on Man....55 ain't old.

    What's everyone up to?

    Heading up to Upsala, Ontario early tomorrow morning for a group fishing trip. With the late spring, I've been scrambling to get some outside work done before heading north. I hooked up my wife's hot tub yesterday, so she will be feeling relaxed while I'm gone.

    Who else is...

    I can tell already that I have some work to do on my legs and cardio before my two elk tags this fall/winter. I just have too much stuff to do other than's tough being retired. I plan to do a lot of walking with the dog while on the family trip to Wash. in June, and will start...

    Who else is...

    I pumped out 23 pullups this morning as part of my regular exercise. I haven't done that in over 30 years. I don't know any 20 year olds who can do it. I saw a young man shadow sparing while driving thru town yesterday and thought about stopping to give him a real challenge. What do you...

    Eastmans' Survey

    Done; quick and easy.

    Wyoming elk draw results

    The results were posted early, and I managed to draw two NR elk tags. Good timing as we just started buying hamburger in the grocery store for the first time in 20 years.

    Non resident Elk draw results for 2022

    When I opened my e-mail this morning I was surprised to find a msg from WY that the elk draw results are out. May 20th was the announced draw date, so here we go. NR GEN elk - successful Type 6 cow/calf - successful YIPPIEE!!!!! So, this puts me on tract for a couple weeks of...


    I wouldn't be surprised if they are all going to the Federal plant in Anoka. There are still zero primers at any retail outlet within 100 miles of me (two states). Those who reload 12 ga. are not even shooting trap this year due to lack of primers. I was able to get 3 cases of trap loads...


    I bought a couple guns for my wife the first year we were married, but would not give her one for an anniversary present. The shotgun that I got her has been pretty much a safe queen, but she has told me several times, "Don't you dare sell that revolver you bought me." That one is a Ruger...
  10. RICMIC

    The 40 acre deer refuge 2022

    My food plot is the woody browse of the big woods. This is what it looks like now.
  11. RICMIC

    Will Canada/US ever lift the Vaccination Requirement?

    I doubt that this will change anytime in the for-see-able future. I went across for a fishing trip just a few days after Canada reopened the border last August, and for the first few days traffic was stacked up for hours to get through. I talked to the outfitter for the fly-in outpost that we...
  12. RICMIC

    Does it makes sense anymore?

    Here's a few from my CO fishing trip.
  13. RICMIC

    Does it makes sense anymore?

    My fall back plan for future years if I don't draw a tag is to go on an alpine lakes hiking trip. I solo packed into a high mt. lake in Colorado the week before my mzl elk hunt in 2019, and surprised myself at just how much I enjoyed catching cut-throat and watching elk.......even without a gun...
  14. RICMIC

    Does it makes sense anymore?

    I totally agree with Muley can get out west and hunt every year if you don't focus all your energy and $ on "Trophy Tags". On my 22 or so hunts out west, I have been mostly successful, but never put a tag on a B&C critter. I shot some nice ones for sure, but the most memorable was...
  15. RICMIC

    Badlands intake rain pants size m

    I sold some primers to six different forum members last year, and an expensive tent & stove several years back. In those cases and also for some binos I bought we just agreed to a check in the mail. The money was good in all cases. You just need to avoid dealing with the 600 pound fat guy...
  16. RICMIC

    WGFD license proposals 2022, big cuts to Antelope.

    I have hunted in WY 15 times for various critters, all in GEN elk or regional deer areas that are OTC for residents. Other than 6 pts. for antelope, I always applied for a tag that I could draw with minimum pts., and I would guess that a large majority of NRs never do build up enough points to...
  17. RICMIC

    Who else is...

    I haven't seen sand or even dirt since last November. We just got another 4" of snow and it is still coming down. I checked with a neighbor who just went ice fishing, and the 30" of ice has not dissipated at all. I was hoping to take a sled ride into the hunting shack, but after clearing 6...
  18. RICMIC


    I hate yoga with a purple passion. But, it definitely has merit as a fitness routine, and anyone who poo-poos it should take a class with a bunch of women and prepare to have your ass kicked. My yoga experience was primarily as a part of the P90X routines. As far as the "eastern religion"...
  19. RICMIC

    How much wildgame do you actually eat?

    With just the two of us at home, there is a limit on how much wild game we can eat. Luckily, my wife loves it all (especially fish), so if we have it we will have game 3-5 times a week. Unfortunately, our local deer numbers have dropped off a cliff, and another killer winter is doing its best...
  20. RICMIC

    2022 Fishing thread never seems to stop. 28 degrees and 3" of fresh snow. At least the last couple days it was rain instead of snow, or we would be dealing with 20" or more. There's still several feet f packed snow on my lake and 2-3' of ice. Last year, the ice went out on April 8th, and my dock and...