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  1. sambo3006

    Possible Poached Mule Deer Buck Idaho

    Douchebag needs to do some serious jail time.
  2. sambo3006

    When did you kill your first deer?

    3x3 whitetail buck in Missouri in 1987 with my Ruger #1 6mm Rem. My first deer with a bow was a mule deer doe in western Colorado in 1997.
  3. sambo3006

    What a year!!!!! 170” bow and 203” muzz

    Wow!! I envy you (except for your taxidermy bill).:D
  4. sambo3006

    My Utah bull

    I drew a random draw late Wasatch tag with 12 nonresident points and hired Jeff Mitchell of lazy bar-t outfitters for a 4 day hunt. We chased a giant for 2 days with no luck. I was able to take this great bull on the fourth morning. All together I saw 15 bulls and passed up shots at 8 bulls...
  5. sambo3006

    Missouri Spring Turkey Success

    Little late posting this up but got my heaviest ever turkey opening morning at 7am on public land. This eastern weighed 24 lbs 3 oz. Toted him around for another 4 hours while we tried to get one for my buddy. Worked two other toms and came close but no dice. Got my second public land gobbler of...
  6. sambo3006

    Just got a credit card hit for Utah Limited Entry Elk!

    After 13 years I finally got the credit card hit I've been waiting for. I'll be hunting elk in Utah this fall during the Wasatch late rifle hunt. To say I'm excited would be an understatement!
  7. sambo3006

    Missouri Rifle Buck 2015

    I got this buck on public land in central Missouri. He has a 17 1/2" spread and is my best public land buck in 32 years of hunting Missouri.
  8. sambo3006

    My Montana Mule Deer

    After failing to draw a Utah elk tag with 11 points I decided to diy hunt Montana on a left over tag. I was fortunate to take this buck at 250 yards after spotting the group of deer he was with from a mile away. I was hunting public land in the Fort Peck area. I also took an antelope doe on...
  9. sambo3006

    My 2014 Alberta Bears

    I went on a spot and stalk hunt with Swanspoint Outfitters in central Alberta last year and took two great bears. Just had to brag.:cool:
  10. sambo3006

    2013 Whitetail Back From the Taxidermist

    Finally got my 2013 rifle season buck back from the taxidermist a couple of weeks ago. North Missouri buck. 144" without about 4" of missing brow tine.
  11. sambo3006

    Missouri boy

    I hear you Fink. I do a lot of waterfowl hunting, mainly on Stockton and Truman lake sloughs. No boat or dog, I just go after them commando style. Are you on If not, you should check it out. Good forum.
  12. sambo3006

    Missouri boy

    I live in SW Missouri and have been hunting deer and turkeys for about 30 years with bow and gun. I made my first trip out west in 1993 with my cousin on an antelope hunt near Gillette, WY. I harvested two nice bucks and some does in trips that year and the next. Went on my first elk hunt in...