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    Weather around Snowmass village?

    Anybody know what the weather has been like in the high country around Snowmass Village, [capital peak] area? Lots of rain? Cooler than normal, how are the service roads, would it be a dumb idea to bring a 2 wheel drive truck from Michigan the 3rd week of September? Thanks for any input. Sent...
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    270 reloading dies?

    I just purchased a press and it came with a set of Lee 270 dies, the are about 10 years old but have never been used, i am going to sell them and get some 40 s&w dies, dies anybody know what they would be worth? Sent from my LG-E980 using Tapatalk
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    post up bow pics

    slow time of year so i thought i would start a bow picture thread, 2010 GT500 70lb, 29 1\2" draw Spot Hogg Hunter Vaportrail limbdriver Vaportrail strings and silencers
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    Eberlestock Blue Widow in dry earth?

    Has anybody used a pack with the dry earth camo, (cordura), i can get a blue widow in it at a good price but am worried about it being way to noisy, maybe its nothing to worry about, any thoughts on it?