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  1. Slugz

    Mystery Ranch, Metcalf? others? FYI Ongoing sale.
  2. Slugz

    StaBall Winchester

    yeah I was debating even posting this info :)
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    StaBall Winchester

  4. Slugz

    StaBall Winchester

    Been getting some good results with this powder in the girlfriends 6.5CM. Meters real nice. Didnt put a chrono on it yet but I suspect about 2600 and a pretty low ES with groups like that. Remington brass Winchester Large rifle primer Winchester StaBall powder ( grains on the target) Sierre...
  5. Slugz

    Kenai Peninsula Fishing

    Alaska Wildland Adventures. Kenai Riverside Lodge out of Cooper Landing would be my recommendation. First class all the way. Been with them twice. Dont forget about the razor clams also if your into that!!
  6. Slugz

    Non resident Elk draw results for 2022

    Daaaaaang!!!!! Congrats
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    Eastmans' Survey

  8. Slugz

    Gary's Shoe Store for Crispi Resoles

    Id give them a call just to be sure. I would think so. He is the Crispi North America warranty fix guy and also works on them. I can only assume that he is not the only Crispi warranty place for fixes but who knows.
  9. Slugz

    Gary's Shoe Store for Crispi Resoles

    Richfield, Utah Plug for this place. Vibram resole and lower rubber replacement ( not sure what that is called) 3 to 4 month turnaround. 100$ I wore out a pair of Nevadas. No issues with any of the leather parts or stitching. Just need some new tread.
  10. Slugz

    Nebraska Tom

    Panko fried boob drizzled with lemon juice and a garlic / olive oil angel hair pasta Thank you Nebraska farmers for this corn fed goodness!!
  11. Slugz

    Bow Rack

    No complaints at all. I will say the newer models are a little more light on their feet and feel more nimble if that makes sense. My son shoots a Matthews VXR and its nice also.
  12. Slugz

    Spring Fun

    Oh man. Congrats. Didnt know they had a 3 limit also. Nice job.
  13. Slugz

    Damn Weather

    Did some tree work yesterday am. The neighbors found it pretty quick this am. Im kicking myself in the ass a little as I should be looking for turkey tracks with this fresh snow.
  14. Slugz

    Spring Fun

    Congrats. Way to get it done! Im assuming Nebraska?
  15. Slugz

    Hornady Interlock

    They are fine. Like a sledge hammer.
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    Bow Rack

  17. Slugz

    I love Merriams

  18. Slugz

    .243 Bullet Question

    No worries all good. Yeah I got one. Had a real nice time. I posted some pics in the Turkey section.
  19. Slugz

    .243 Bullet Question

    And about 3/4 box of VMax 58gr
  20. Slugz

    .243 Bullet Question

    Rich, Id say maybe half a box of 100gr Game Kings and nearly a full box of 60gr Varminters. Let me know.