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    Wyoming elk draw results

    The results were posted early, and I managed to draw two NR elk tags. Good timing as we just started buying hamburger in the grocery store for the first time in 20 years.

    Mandatory CWD testing

    I just received a gift in the mail from Colorado Parks & Wildlife. My area was "selected" for a mandatory CWD test of any elk taken on our upcoming hunt. It is good to know what is happening in regards to CWD, but it will likely be a huge PIA to follow what is requited. First of all, the...

    New crossbow

    I just bought a new TenPoint Titan M1 crossbow even though crossbows never appealed to me in any way. But, I have a bow hunt for WY elk in 2022 on the docket, and my compound bow is becoming painful to draw due to shoulder issues. I had bought a left handed bow years ago because of a shoulder...

    Canada/US border opening

    It looks like it's official; the border is opening to US folks crossing into Canada effective August 9th. Proof of vaccination is required. I have a fly-in fishing trip scheduled for August 14th, and am waiting for the outfitter to verify that the trip is a go. This trip was a back-up plan...

    Apps Are In

    Well, I finally got the two guys who I have been prompting to buy points since their last hunt in CO in 2008 to apply for an elk tag. Even with reminders they dropped the ball a few times and have 8. We had focused on a MZL elk hunt which would take 7 to draw (NR), but after all these years...

    lion roast

    I have a post in the predator thread about my recent mountain lion hunt, and had some discussion on eating one. I have no prior experience with the culinary possibilities of mt. lion other than the anecdotal "tastes like chicken". Well let me tell you folks right here, that "it don't". I...

    Wyoming Lion Hunt

    I just returned home from a longer than expected Wyoming lion hunt. The current lockdown has cancelled our annual snowmobile trip to Idaho, there's little snow to ride on here in MN, and I didn't draw a late season cow elk tag. So, I called my friend in WY and lined up a lion hunt, starting...


    I HAVE ABOUT 5,000 primers if someone is experiencing a shortage. Federal lg. rifle, large rifle match, and a variety of CCI, both rifle and pistol.

    exotic animal

    After viewing a photo of the rare and exotic unicorn jackalope, I decided to post a picture of my one of a kind mount. This is likely the only Moobadowl that has ever been taken in North America. They are so rare that they haven't been recognized as even existing, and as such have avoided...
  10. RICMIC

    EHJ Black Bear Hunt

    I just got my EHJ (Oct/Nov 2020) and was reading Ben Fabre's story of his Wyoming bear hunt. He mentioned his guides name (Nate) and later his horses name (Griz) and that was familiar, so I looked at the end of the story and sure enough found the outfitter was Trophy Mountain Outfitters (TMO)...
  11. RICMIC

    Bear attack (sorta?)

    Here is a pic of me shortly after a bear attack in the spring of 2011. Well, not really, as it was just makeup during my Wilderness First Responder (WFR) training.
  12. RICMIC

    Things are opening up!

    The slow-mo opening in MN is taking place. I actually got a call from my dentist yesterday (a Sunday no less) for an appointment today. Now if I can just get them to give me a haircut as long as I am already in the chair.
  13. RICMIC

    Fed checks arrived on time

    I was paying bills this morning, and was surprised to see that the "stimulus" deposit was made to our account already. On time and as promised; a first for the federal government.
  14. RICMIC

    Truck Topper project

    I am far enough on my truck topper project to post a few photos....since we're stuck her for a while it's something to keep me busy. I build a cedar strip topper for my 2011 Dodge a few years ago using northern white cedar that I cut off my own property. I picked up a 2011 GMC, and decided to...
  15. RICMIC

    Truck Topper project

    I've gotten far enough along on my new truck topper to post a few photos. I made a topper for my 2011 Dodge out of northern white cedar, so when I picked up another truck (2011 GMC) I decided to make another one. Since we are sequestered in the backwoods for the current zombie apocalypse I...
  16. RICMIC

    CO and WY trips

    Much of my fall has been spent out west hunting, and before I give a full update I wanted to figure out the photo download. The pics are in my file, so lets see if they will post. SORRY, NO GO. When I try to attach photos, it states, "The uploaded image is too big." This is why I hate it...
  17. RICMIC

    License and permit in Buffalo

    Hey guys, looking for some last minute info due to a perfect storm screwing up my usually well made plans. The trip to WY was bumped up a few days due to work schedules, and my printer just went to hell. I had ordered the ORV permit, but it likely won't get here before we leave...So, where in...
  18. RICMIC

    CO Hybrid draw

    I am planning to put in for an elk point again this year (making it #11), and will put my app. for a hybrid tag for one of those NW impossible to draw without max point units. There are so few NR tags, that I wonder if they ever actually have any hybrid drawn. When looking at the draw stats...
  19. RICMIC

    Cow or Calf?

    I am looking for some input from those of you who have shot both cow and calf elk. How do they compare as far as the quality of the meat? The reason that I am asking is that I have a late season type 6 tag in WY that is pretty much a slam dunk as I can access the public land where the herd...
  20. RICMIC

    Miracle shot

    Here's a coyote that I got while snowmobiling in Montana last year. As a retired police officer, I have a CC that is valid in all the states, and in today's world find that I am packing most of the time. We were snowmobiling in ID,WY, & MT, and I had checked the laws on yotes and was good to...