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  1. Slugz

    Gary's Shoe Store for Crispi Resoles

    Richfield, Utah Plug for this place. Vibram resole and lower rubber replacement ( not sure what that is called) 3 to 4 month turnaround. 100$ I wore out a pair of Nevadas. No issues with any of the leather parts or stitching. Just need some new tread.
  2. Slugz

    Nebraska Tom

    Panko fried boob drizzled with lemon juice and a garlic / olive oil angel hair pasta Thank you Nebraska farmers for this corn fed goodness!!
  3. Slugz

    Cornhusker Tom

  4. Slugz

    NW Nebraska Help Please

    I have a plan I would like to vet with someone to get their opinion. Crawford, Chadron and Hay Springs Area. Please Pm if willing to help. Thanks
  5. Slugz

    All Madden Turducken

    For all us meateaters. If you never tried one I highly suggest you get off your arse and cook one up. Cooked this one on a Trager with applewood. Goldbelly has em for 175$
  6. Slugz

    Bow Rack

    Plug for Hill Creek Wood Shop. Give em a look. Engraving is crisp. Lazer like. Cant wait to get it up on the wall.
  7. Slugz

    Skull Hooker Fan Mount / Turkey Hooker

    Finally found something I liked that was easy and clean. 30$ can get it to your door via amazon. Ive used their euro mounts before and they worked well also. Thats one of my sons Nebraska birds.
  8. Slugz

    Elk Teriyaki w Noodles

  9. Slugz

    Goosapalooza 22

    Wyoming birds are doing it right and tight.
  10. Slugz

    CO Wildlife Commission Meeting January 2022

    Its lengthy and only day one but worth the listen
  11. Slugz

    Primer Seat Depth, Consistency and ES

    Wanted to see from the forum if anyone has done any testing with your hunting load. Specifically 1) Has anyone taken their brass and measured primer pocket depths for consistency? 2) Have you then seated your primers exactly 3 to 4 thousands deeper than the case? Or have found a node measured...
  12. Slugz

    FL Bushing Die then Expander Mandrel to Set Neck Tension

    Does anyone use a full length bushing die to resize and bump the shoulder then use a expander mandrel to set neck tension/concentricity? For those that do it what's your work flow? do you do it post trim, deburr/chamfer? Do you use a dry lube? Carbide vice steel mandrel? Thanks
  13. Slugz

    Wyoming Elk Hunt

    First off thanks to Go Deep, Buzz and Wy Tx for helping me to learn the ins and outs of the Wyoming draw system for residents and non residents, navigating the public land and HMA application process. So after spending a full year coming up with a plan the girlfriend drew a -6 cow for Area 7...
  14. Slugz

    Eastmans Coffee Cocoa Rub with Bacon Shroom Gravy

    While 4th season hunting in Colorado last week I saw this recipe in one of the Eastmans magazines at the cabin. Fast forward one week to the " I cant find an elk to save my ass" Wyoming.......we decided to at least eat some. 😃
  15. Slugz

    Drone Ruins Sandhill Crane Hunt

    While scouting for a waterfowl hunt for my son and I low and behold I find 3 Sandhills loafing at the big lake. After watching them all day I put them to bed on a shoreline. Next am we are at the glassing spot. Plan is to find em again. Paddle across the lake parallel them and stalk em down...
  16. Slugz

    Colorado Waterfowl 21/22

    Got em scouted up. Mallards, Pintails, Teal, Buffleheads, Hooded Mergansers, Canada Geese and the Coot Army looks strong. Im gonna try and not shoot Teal on the opener and just pull the trigger on big ducks and geese. Grassing in the sneak boat this afternoon.
  17. Slugz

    Wyoming ORV/SXS/ATV use map info

    Gents, Im digging through the interweb looking for info. So far I havent found any clear guidance on the below. Ill use the below as an example but I think it can apply to many other places. Deer Creek HMA. Boxelder Rd 629 on the east side goes from a hard pack gravel to a dirt two...
  18. Slugz

    Alberta Waterfowl 2021 Early Season Report

    Well since the caribou hunt went to shit we decided to head north. I noticed on IG that some of the big time outfitters had openings and was hoping they still had some. Well they did. I called Mr Rob at Ranchland and his repsonse was " how soon do you wanna come" Good friend from Texas...
  19. Slugz

    Teal for Dinner

    Smoked teal breast with a Palisade Peach, butter, honey reduction.
  20. Slugz

    Hammer Hunters

    I'm always looking for other options out there. These are starting to come up more and more in conversations. Any member have experience with them?