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    The funniest part of all is people not realizing this is no different than the billions in welfare given to farmers harmed by Trump's own tariffs. :rolleyes::unsure:😁🤣😂 Federalist 68, 441 - Alexander Hamilton writes, corruptions "might naturally have been expected to make their approaches from...
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    Utah 2019 Hunt Data

    Henry Mountain Multi-Season Tag Soup!
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    If humans were scored in Boone and Crockett ?

    Still cheaper than the $130,000 this stallion of a man had to pay to a porn star
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    WTB Garmin RINO 650 or 755t

    I've got a 650 but it got too cold in NM hunting Barbary and got fried. My wife and brother have 650s so I'd like one that is compatible if possible. I don't know anything about older vs. newer though.
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    WTB Garmin RINO 650 or 755t

    WTB Garmin RINO 650 or 755t if anybody has one they want to sell.
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    Idaho Upping Prices?

    That would only be accurate if NR tags were actually being bought only by NR. Every R that buys a 2nd NR tag skews your argument into a false narrative. If you want to know the true value of NR tags, then leave them to NRs and let the rates be set from there.
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    Rifle Slings

    Leather - Montana Gun Sling Technical - Viking Tactical Lightweight Hunting
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    Just a bull snake

    Yep... blow snake, bull snake, gopher snake. They are all the same thing and totally harmless. I've had dozens for pets. I usually give them a mouse or two for a meal and let them go. I had one that liked to lay next to my yellow lab in the sun in the backyard for a summer before he wandered...
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    Tick Toc. Waiting for the draw

    Nothing for me. Except for this...!!! My wife drew out of the random pool two years ago and now it's my turn :cool:
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    Light Weight Gun

    Cooper M92 in .300 Win Mag w/ Swarovski Z5 3.5-18x44 -- 6.8 lbs. It shoots 1/2 MOA with hand-loaded 180gr Accubond's. The muzzle brake is fantastic, my wife shoots it with ease. I always wanted a lightweight hunting rifle in a true magnum caliber that shot super accurate with hunting bullets...
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    The 2018 Elk picture Thread
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    WY Elk Unit 61

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    WY Elk Unit 61

    The hunt was awesome. Dozens of dozens of bugling bulls, we didn't have grizzly issues (though we had a sow and two cubs at 60 yards), the guide was super patient while I looked for the right bull, camp was clean and comfortable. I couldn't be happier. Good luck to everybody else this year.
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    WY Elk Unit 61

    I burned my points and drew a 61-1 elk tag. I'm trying to get one with a bow, but I'd really like to try and get a 350-type bull. Am I crazy? Should I lower my goals? I'd love to know if I'm nuts. Be honest. I can take it :cool:
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    Unique outdoor photos

    We came across a bull that had fallen in an old mine vent shaft and died. The upper half of the body was still suspended and everything below the rib cage had fallen to a depth beyond what we could see. Bears had been clawing the sides trying to get to the bull. You can see their claw marks in...
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    Post Your Best Mule Deer To Date

    Great bucks, guys. Here is a 181" archery buck from Idaho and a 202" rifle buck from Colorado. My best to date. I have some work to do to catch up with the toads posted here.
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    Zion Desert Bighorn Sheep

    Its actually my wife's. She got lucky and pulled a random tag last year in an area that has historically been a tough unit. We backpacked in and she was able to put it together. I couldn't possibly recommend Bronson more than I do, they were great.
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    Zion Desert Bighorn Sheep

    I hope Adam Bronson is at the top of your list. Best sheep guide in the business, imho.
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    The only bear I've ever shot. B&C-class boar. When I dropped it off at the taxidermist, I said, "We saw a bigger one too." He said, "No you didn't. Trust me." The IDFG biologist in Jerome said it was the biggest bear he'd ever tagged. It was my first bear hunt and I got lucky. Didn't even know...