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    Nate Strong the Poacher

    Has Nate Strong appeared before a Judge and Jury yet, or did his lawyer delay his trial? Curious.
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    Hillary gets a pass.

    Over-the-Hillary gets a pass after FBI director points out how she lied to the American citizens about her e-mails. No charges to be filed. I was holding out hope that the FBI was doing an honest investigation and that we still had a rule of law in this country. Now I see that Lady Justice...
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    Wyoming Moose area # 38/41 question.

    I drew a Cow moose tag for area 38. I've never hunted the area before. Did most of my hunting for elk & moose around Jackson. I've taken a couple of trips down there and checked out some pretty good looking areas around lakes & creeks. A warden I ran into at a gas station told me to check-out...
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    Senate votes 51 to 49 to transfer public land to states

    I just saw an article in Petersens Hunting magazine that started off with that Senate vote tally. This happened in March of this year. I hadn't heard of it before, but the fact that the Senate passed it is indeed troubling. Senator and congressmen contact is needed it seems. I think there'll be...
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    Wyoming trophy game draw results are posted

    What did everyone draw? Anyone doing the happy dance??
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    Wyoming G&F Warden TV stars

    Did anyone hear about the new "Reality?" show produced by the ANIMAL PLANET? Cameras following Wyoming Wardens on their quest to put an end to poaching! Sounds good huh? More G&F employees wanting to be silver-screen stars seeking out wrongdoers and arresting same? What the hell, does...
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    Wyoming suspends wolf hunt

    Wyoming lost it's bid for a stay on an "East Coast" Federal Judge's ruling. NO wolf hunt in Wyoming. Contact the Wyoming G&F for a refund on the license you already bought! I guess we all knew this was coming, didn't we? These Destroyer's....err....Defender's of Wildlife have this leftist...
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    Super tag results

    I wonder why the Wyoming G&F doesn't have the super tag winners posted on their website? I for one, would like to know who drew what tag. From what I've read, the G&F took in almost $700,000.00 for daily operations. I think they owe us some information.
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    Another "What's it worth".

    Found an Ithaca model LSA 65 today at the LGS. It looks as new, has 1 magazine and a cheapie "Bushie" scope on it. I had one of them years ago, and always regretted selling it. This one is in .270 Win. They're asking $450.00 I believe. What's it worth? I haven't seen one in 30 years. Who made...
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    Bushnell G-Force 1300 rangefinder

    Does anyone on the forum own or perhaps used one of these rangefinders? Cabelas has a sale on them, plus a Cabelas Bucks $20.00 discount and Bushnell has a $100.00 mail-in rebate on them. From what the reviews said, the angle compensating feature is hard to use. And the instructions are overly...
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    What's it worth?

    Howdy guys, I found a Remington model 700 BDL in 300H&H magnum. It seems to be in great overall condition, and fired very little. It has Leupold bases. The old guy (older than me!) that has it wants $550 for it, could get it for $500. I really don't need it, what do you think? Good deal, or...
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    Ike Eastman's rifle/caliber

    I was watching Eastman's Hunting Journal T.V. show the other evening and the Eastman's did a Savage arms commercial in which Ike,Mike and Guy sported Savage rifles. Ike's rifle looks like a Savage Lightweight Hunter, I was wondering if anyone knows what caliber it is. And why he chose it? I'm...
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    Dick Metcalf

    Did anyone here read Guns&Ammo's December issue yet? I'll direct you to the last page & Metcalf's stupid and harmfull essay therein. He sure put a knife in the back of all gunowners with his "Pro-Regulation" stance on concealed carry. I think perhaps he's lived in Illinois too long or perhaps...
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    J. Guthrie dead at 37!

    Did anybody else hear about this? He was a great writer & co-host of "Modern Rifle Adventures" 37 years , that's too young. He was married and the father of two. What a shame. R.I.P. James Guthrie
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    Senate vote on Background checks

    Is anybody following the Senate vote today? Frow what I've read it's a gun grabbers delight. The bill that's being presented by the 2 dimwit Senators was supposedly written by Senator Chuck (gimmie your guns) Schumer. I e-mailed both of my senators and told them to kill the bill & support our...
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    .30 olympic caliber

    Does anyone have any experience with the .30 olympic caliber? It's based on the Winchester WSSM case. I was wondering about the ballistics & performance of the round. I couldn't find any info on it on Olympic arm's website. From what I understand it's just a necked-up WSSM case.