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  1. idcwby

    Ladies need some help

    My sister just got the new Sitka women’s pack and is impressed with it so far. I don’t think she has done anything but play with it at the house, but did mention she liked the adjustment and shoulder straps. idcwby
  2. idcwby

    Idaho Upping Prices?

    And a grizzly bear. :D idcwby
  3. idcwby

    Idaho Upping Prices?

    No need to change the current draw system or even consider a points system. I’m not sure why raising prices would cause a reason to have a points system. Even with the price raise tags are still cheaper than a lot of other states. I like the fact that it will spread non-residents out better...
  4. idcwby

    Idaho Upping Prices?

    What does the points game have to do with Idaho raising non-resident prices? idcwby
  5. idcwby

    .264 Win Mag on Elk

    Got a cow a few years back at 330 yards with mine. Was shooting Hornady 129gr InterBond at 3130FPS. Bullet went in front of the close shoulder, hit the heart/lungs, and than hit the ball joint in the off side shoulder and shattered it. Second cow was this last winter. Different setup. Shooting...
  6. idcwby

    Saddle Panniers

    One horse can haul the weight no problem. I’ve never hauled water before, my recommendation would be to make sure the containers are completely full, this will reduce the sloshing, and something that can take a hit and not break easily. idcwby
  7. idcwby

    Honda Fatcat

    I’ve been thinking about that. I have heard that it leaks by the seals on older motors though. Thanks idcwby
  8. idcwby

    Honda Fatcat

    I know a few members on here have Fatcats, I just picked one up a little over a year ago. I need to change the oil in it and was wondering what everyone else has been using? Anything else I should know about them? Thanks idcwby
  9. idcwby

    Suppressor Petition

    I don’t know. :LOL: Hopefully everyone is signing it and not saying anything. idcwby
  10. idcwby

    Suppressor Petition

    Petition to keep from banning suppressors. It seems Trump is wanting to do this. idcwby
  11. idcwby

    Moose Rut

    When does the moose rut usually take place in Idaho? I thought it was the end of September, but the biologist I talked to this morning said early September. Thanks idcwby
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    I get to work in Kauai for a few months and was wondering what the hunting is like. From what I have gathered so far goats and pigs are the main ones everyone chases hear. Would love some tips on how to go about hunting them. Thanks idcwby
  13. idcwby

    Iridium Go

    Hope everyone has been doing good, been awhile since I have made a post on here. Anyways I was looking at possibly getting an Iridium Go. I like how you can use your cellphone to connect to it and seems like it's less bulky than a sat phone. Has anyone used them? They worth the money or would I...
  14. idcwby

    Warm Weather Rut

    Hey everyone, this is the first year that I've hunted the rut with weather like this. Usually there is snow on ground and the does are herded up. This year we don't have any snow and can't find any herds. Does anyone got any tips on how to hunt in conditions like this? We are having a hard...
  15. idcwby

    Another Poacher

    Thought everyone might like to know another one got caught. If I'm reading it correctly, the judge is going to give him the bucks antlers back? idcwby
  16. idcwby

    Walker Game Ear

    I've been searching the forums trying to find info on the Walker Game Ears, but haven't had any luck. Does anyone use them? Do you like them? Do they work as advertised? I'm mainly curious about the ones that look like a hearing aid. Thanks idcwby
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    Does anyone know of a headlamp that uses AA batteries? I'm tired of having to pack both AA for the GPS and AAA for the headlamp, I always seem to forget one or the other. Thanks idcwby
  18. idcwby

    Mesh Backing

    I've been looking into buying a new early season day pack and was wondering if the packs with the mesh support that allows air to flow between your back and the pack really help keep you cooler? Thanks idcwby
  19. idcwby

    Pop Up Blind

    I got a pop up blind that has seen to much sun in the last couple of years and is faded to a red color. Has anyone ever repainted one before? Any other suggestions? Thanks, idcwby
  20. idcwby

    Faded PopUp Blind

    My popup blind has faded to a reddish color from sitting in the sun to long. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Can you paint them or is that just a waste because the paint will crack off from opening and closing it? Thanks idcwby