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    Assorted Gear for sale -

    I also have a few other items for sale if anyone is interested - (1) North Face Rock 22 - 3 man tent - 5lbs. Pack wieght (light green color, includes rainfly) $145.00 shipped (1) Badlands Terraglide (Max-1 camo) Used on 1 trip to Kansas (virtually new) $150.00 shipped (1) Leica 901 red LED...
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    Outdoorsman Tripod for Sale

    We have one up for grabs - We have too many tripods and wanted to let one go for a reasonable price if anyone is interested. Thank you
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    221 Early Archery...

    Anyone feel this is a good hunt anymore, or is it overrated? I have heard that there aren't many good bucks there like there was in years past... Anyone with some good wisdom that could shed some light on it for me?
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    DIY spot n stalk gobbler

    This is my first Turkey with a bow... Spot n Stalked him and shot him at 36 yards! I'm super stoked:p Even more so that I didn't sit in a blind to get him! Good luck to those of you in the field!
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    Pacific Hybrids... Anyone hunt them?

    Anyone else here hunt our little Southern Californian, Blacktail cousins, the pacific hybrid? They aren't much antler wise but fun to hunt while you're waiting for the fall hunts... Here's one from a while back...
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    I can't believe it a Cali forum!!! Nice! I'm the lucky Cherry Popper too?! Thanks boy's for thinking of us city slickers lol!
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    Desert Double...

    I was fortunate to tag out on both my December 2011 and January 2012 archery Muley tag's in Az this season... Both deer were DIY on OTC tags... here are some pictures to get the blood pumping... They are 146 and 156 green... Hope you enjoy!
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    Unit 10 Rubies...

    Never been that way before... Drove past it many times on my way to Idaho... Was thinking of an archery deer hunt there one day... Looks like there's good deer up high and away from the road access... Anyone have experience in that area... I don't think I would go there unless there was 190+...
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    My best Cali buck so far...

    Well, The article is out now and I just got the go ahead to share this on the forums as well as the PDF from the publishers that I can post up the story and pictures for everyone to enjoy! He represents my best Pacific Hybrid to date with archery equipment... You can read the full story here...
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    Brunton ICON optics???

    Anyone heard of the new high end Brunton line of glass called ICON being released this June? They sure are pricey... Wonder if they stack up to Swaro:confused: