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    My First Ca Bear

    What fun great bear
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    Wasatch LE Elk

    Lot of fun
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    Wasatch LE Elk

    Looking at the draw statistics in my applied group this year same unit 18 years points numbers jumped up 2 knocked me out of the point pool as it been said a blind squirrel finds nut once in a while I drew that tag again in the random draw out of 109 it’s amazing to look at the odds and how...
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    Wasatch LE Elk

    Wasatch tag on the way, now if I can get lucky find a bull
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    Hunting Wyoming Elk in 2021?

    Max point special draw Getting in my 70s I’ve got to get this done
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    Wasatch LE Elk

    O l’m in the draw this year , glutton for punishment try again lol I be 70 this time
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    Wasatch LE Elk

    got sick first week of scouting, I had to go back home in Arkansas for a surgery....,return the tag got my money back my points plus point for last year lot of work with camper 4wheeler & a sure footed mule
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    Wasatch LE Elk

    Wasatch LE Elk hunt I will be camping off the forest roads in the Wasatch area. Are there larger pull offs and pull back into areas for small stock trailer/truck /camper? Looking for basic info on the area as unfamiliar with the country. Drinking water? Do public campgrounds have water ...
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    Merry Christmas

    That all just Merry Christmas to all