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    alarm clock

    Im looking for a good alarm that I can take backcountry that isn't a wrist watch. I'm a pretty heavy sleeper and the wristwatch alarms don't last long enough to rouse me. I also need something that is going to work well in cold temps as I've had problems with that before.
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    need help as soon as possible

    here's the situation: i had my bow tuned in, proper arrows, good broadheads and was driving tacks at 50 yards. now i cannot get an eight inch grouping at 20 yards. i have no idea what happened, and i took my bow to the local bow tech who knows his stuff as good as anybody else, and he couldn't...
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    ladies bow

    hey guys, i'm looking at getting a ladies bow for my girlfriend and i was wondering if anyone had any recommendations or knowledge. i've seen a bear archery youth bow and it fits my price range. would this be a good choice or should i look for something more? i know that it's more about the...
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    First Muley

    this muley was definately hard earned. i don't come from a hunting family so i've been figuring out everything on my own, and the Journal has definately helped me. i hunted for four years before bagging this buck, and let me tell you, it is awfully hard to pass up small fork horns, especially...
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    packing deboned meat

    when you guys pack out deboned meat, do you try to keep the meat seperate? i've always heard that to have the best meat possible you need to keep it from touching other pieces of meat. it seems to me that to pack out a deboned deer in one trip you would have to have some of the cuts touching...