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  1. raadland

    Ballistics Software

    What is everyone's favorite ballistics software? I am researching some different ones and I'm interested in opinions on this.
  2. raadland

    2016 mrs

    I am new to research and I have been wondering as to when the big game hunting 2016 regulations for Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho, will be coming out? I have accumulated a ton of data for 2015 and have pre-ordered the EHJ MRS book and I am eager to start breaking down some 2016 information. Any...
  3. raadland

    New Member fom California

    Hello my name is Rob and I am somewhat new to out of state hunting. I been Wyoming for antelope and I hunted the third season Colorado elk this year. I am starting to gather my research and developing a 5 year big game hunting plan that will include deer, elk, and antelope in California...