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    Let?s see your best sheds or deadheads

    Here is my best Muley to date and I found this set of elk sheds a few years back. Full 7x7.
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    Post Your Best Mule Deer To Date

    Here is his new home and a different angle.
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    Post Your Best Mule Deer To Date

    Muley HUnter, I knew I would see a few big ones from you. This is my biggest a few years back.
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    Have only shot 2 bears but one was a color phase with the white chest cheveron. Not the biggest but still a cool bear.
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    2017 Mule Deer Success Thread

    Took this buck last Saturday.
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    50th birthday present from my wonderful wife...

    Dont want to hijack the thread but here he is mounted.
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    50th birthday present from my wonderful wife...

    A good woman and a keeper for sure. I got something similar but it was a combo 50th and retirement gift from my wife. She booked a trophy mule deer and wolf hunt for me up in Idaho. No wolf but bagged a dandy buck that scored out at 198 1/8. She also got me a Henry's Golden Boy .22 with the...
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    Colorado Big Game Regulation on Line now.

    The 2017 Big Game Regulations are now posted on line so you can start looking into your hunt.
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    The Corner of Death

    Here are a few from around the house.
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    New Colorado HIP Rule

    Was looking thru the 2016 Small Game book and saw there was a new change in how HIP will be done. Not a big deal and in some caes might be easier than the old way but something was missing. I wrote CPW asking how this will work for folks who have a lifetime VA license since we do not buy a...
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    First Bear

    Very nice, you will not be disapointed.
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    Fishing 2016

    Wife took this pike over the 4th weekend. Caught another over 35 and 2 more at 32 inches along with several 20-26 inches. Mostly trolling but a few casting Elkhead Res. in Colorado
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    Just joined coming over from an old site that has all but died. Just wanted to say hello and hope to meet some new folks and see some old friends on the site. Mainly a rifle and Muzzle loader guy. Hunt mainly Colorado but do a few trips a year to SD and MS. Love to fish too so if I am outdoors...