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  1. Zim

    Maine Moose Draw Online

    Anyone else watching this online moose draw Saturday? How many convoluted points do you have? They claim I have 100 total by adding the formula values each year. Probably gives me a 2-3% chance. Been wanting to attend one of these with friends for years but too far away. This may be the...
  2. Zim

    1st or 2nd Antelope Season

    Wanted to get opinions on picking between a first season pronghorn hunt or a rut hunt. I have a pile of pronghorn points in Oregon I will try to burn this year. These were accumulated as a residual of getting in their game decades ago for a Big 3 elk tag. I was finally able to draw that hunt...
  3. Zim

    Draw Results Date

    Does anyone know the chance of getting the Colorado elk draw results by June 1st? I just did points last year, but I recall reading some threads on CDOW website issues last year. I saw Toprut listed June 3rd as the post date, but thought in previous years results posted in late May. I am...
  4. Zim

    Unit 87 Deer

    So I ended up drawing my unit 87 deer tag and got my maps. I lined up a trip with my wife to visit family in Colorado & Nevada as an excuse to scout and hunt the archery opener for perhaps a week. Then plan to return for the late October rifle season. Curious if anyone has drawn this tag in...
  5. Zim

    Max Deer Points 87 or 102

    I'm done waiting and ready to hunt so I really want to burn my WY max deer points this year. Haven't drawn anything anywhere else as well. I've narrowed my deer choice down to either 87 or 102. Wanted to get thoughts on this. Big factor is my wife will accompany me. Her first time on any hunt...
  6. Zim

    102 Deer

    Anyone know if the deer quality has nudged up any in 101/102 lately? I saw this is the 3rd year since they lowered the quota. I got max points and the only options I see are to burn my points there or split them with a buddy for Region G. But I'm concerned if my body will hold up in G any...
  7. Zim

    ORDFW Login Problem

    Anyone else having trouble logging in to their ORDFW profile page? I've been trying for 3 days, trying 4 browsers via 2 different computers, and all I get is a "Captcha Error" whatever that is. Emailed ORDFW and got no explanation, just said try another browser. Google Chrome works best OK...
  8. Zim

    Iowa Draw Results Posted

    Iowa results are posted. Good luck. Successful in zone 5 with 3 points. Full plate for me this year: AZ archery elk unit 1, Wyoming pronghorn archery/rifle unit 108, Iowa archery deer unit 5, Illinois archery deer JECP, Illinois firearm deer JEPC.
  9. Zim

    2nd Marriage

    Finally got remarried after 10 years on the circuit. Was divorced from a 20 year parasite in 2006. Fang and I met on a bowling date in Milwaukee three years ago. She was there on a one year teaching assignment. She is an English teacher in Sichuan, China and will be moving here...
  10. Zim

    Hunting Partner for Montana Leftover General Unit

    Looking for a hunting partner to do a Montana archery elk hunt with general leftover tags. 300+ points yet drew nothing in 8 states. Been a long while since I hunted OTC, but can't stand missing another September in the Rockies. Solo backpacked previously, but getting older now (55), with some...
  11. Zim


  12. Zim

    Point Hunter App

    Anyone got this app? Do you have points in Arizona, Iowa or Maine? I can't get the app to show my points for any of these states.
  13. Zim

    Pauns Archery Deer

    Anybody do the Pauns archery deer hunt this year? Just curious as I should draw the NR tag for 2015. Intend to devote at least 3 weeks to it.
  14. Zim

    2014 Draw Odds Report

    Can someone please help me interpret the chart to see about what our chances may be next year to draw hunt #3118 with 13 nonresident points? I'm not sure how to do it. Thanks...
  15. Zim

    2014 Nevada Draw Results Coming

    Just wanted to remind everyone NV's draw will be posted in less than 24 hours. I know, I know, but there's no need to thank me for reminding you. It's just hunters helping hunters.
  16. Zim

    Maine's Outfitter Welfare

    Why am I not surprised? Yet again special interest groups line the pocket of a legislator to abandon the public trust. This time it's Maine's Troy Jackson. Want to know...
  17. Zim

    Maine & NH Moose in Huntin Fool

    Just got my latest issue of HF and I see Maine & Hew Hampshire moose made their debuts as anticipated. But for anyone who thinks their draw odds are accurate, think again. When I drew NH in 2012 I calculated my odds at ~1%, and that was figured taking into account my 8 points. Now HF posts it's...
  18. Zim


    I think it's about the time I got the most cash shipped out. Anyone else figure what will be refunded earliest pending no luck? WY bison, CO sheep, NM elk, CO elk/deer/lope..........? I think over $6K out this year.
  19. Zim

    Plantar Fasciitis -

    The gift that keeps on giving. Maybe due to my age of 53, but this crap will just not go away. This is my 7th month of pain. My workout regiment has ground to a halt for the first time since my teens. I can't do a dam thing. Had this a few times years ago but heel inserts got rid of it...
  20. Zim

    Unit 12 Late Deer Options

    My buddy and I are one point below max for AZ deer and seriously considering burning points this year, as we have drawn only one other tag for a Sept elk hunt. Dates seem a little later than typical? Curious to get some thoughts. We are thinking of maybe 12B. Anyone been on any of the 12...