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  1. ScottR

    2022 AZ Coues Whitetail

    Very cool!
  2. ScottR

    Latest issue 129

    Hey, I just took a look at it on the digital journal in TagHub. It appears that somehow a few columns are missing, I'm working on Nevada right now and all of those columns will be in print. TagHub is an expansion of the data we couldn't include because magazines are finite in size, we aren't...
  3. ScottR

    Late Season Rifle Elk

    I will probably do a late season elk tag as well this year. When it opens after October 15 most of my Wyoming deer hunting opportunities are done and the other states I apply in are late as well. Some year I am going to have the 1st world problem of drawing two late season tags LOL.
  4. ScottR

    Sidearm preference

    There are a LOT of shotguns in scabbards on horses here in NW Wyoming during the summer and into hunting season.
  5. ScottR

    Sidearm preference

    I really like the .40 S&W, its easy to shoot but packs more of a punch than 9mm.
  6. ScottR

    Late Season Rifle Elk

    Good luck to all of you!
  7. ScottR

    Sidearm preference

    Conceal carry is a Glock 45, Walther PPQ 45 for bear country.
  8. ScottR

    Who else is...

    Chest and cardio today.
  9. ScottR

    Who else is...

    Hit the treadmill today, back to the weights tomorrow. After SHOT I will update the plan for 2022, I am planning to continue 5 days a week, only difference is that I am going to 3 days lifting, 2 days of dedicated cardio.
  10. ScottR

    E kits, whatcha carrying?

    I switched mine up this year and went with what Fieldcraft Survival has. I supplemented what they made with meds of my choosing.
  11. ScottR

    Who else is...

    Did 10 minutes of brisk walking today to close out a good back and bicep workout.
  12. ScottR

    Area 61 type 1 hunt in Wyoming 2022

    Yeah, for most NR guys the wilderness designation on a bunch of Park county hunts is a big turn off. Let alone the big brown obnoxious critter.
  13. ScottR

    Area 61 type 1 hunt in Wyoming 2022

    He has until January 31 as a non-resident to get it in. Also as an FYI, Wyoming elk has been updated in TagHub1
  14. ScottR

    Who else is...

    Today was flat bench day, the day where I am reminded that I am terrible on a flat bench LOl
  15. ScottR

    2021' Review

    Stud bucks and very cool of you to share!
  16. ScottR

    Your Best Bulls!!!

    LOL, that is awesome. Or terrible as she will never know the pain of elk hunters who waited years for their first bull with a bow...let alone a very nice 6 with a bow.
  17. ScottR

    Sheep Week is Back in Reno! Who’s coming?

    I think that Guy and Dan will be there for some of it.
  18. ScottR

    Colorado Springs - Back Yard Visitor

    The next few years with encroachment and development are going to be interesting for the animals.
  19. ScottR

    Missing some forum friends

    I will bring the marshmallows for S'mores in the parking lot LOL
  20. ScottR

    missing tenderloins

    Yeah, it is disappointing for sure. It sounds like he tried to make it right for you, with that being the case I wouldn't get too worked up over it.