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    Colorado Unit 81

    Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on hunting antelope in unit 81 in Colorado. My brother and I are considering giving it a try. Feel free to pm any opinions. Thanks!
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    Antelope Unit 79-791 Information

    My brother and I are thinking about hunting antelope in unit 79 next year. Was wondering if anyone had been in there recently or had any general information on the unit. Mostly curious about how much public land is available to roam that contains antelope, what the area looks like (I love...
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    Am I getting a tag?

    What do you guys think the odds are of me getting a tag?
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    Holding out for a Monster!

    We'll, I was holding out for a giant or nothing, but I'm not good at that! So I shot a decent one right behind the house instead. Nothing better than getting one from your own property. Has some character too. Bladed brows, kinda palmated beams and a kicker. I like him...last day of the season too!
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    First Buck!

    My middle son shot his first Buck last weekend. Heart shot at 84 yards with his .243. He has been talking about killing a buck nearly every day since tagging a button buck last year. He couldn't have been happier with his little 8 pointer, and I couldn't be prouder!!
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    Pahvant Elk Tag..Paint Me Picture!

    Well for those that didn't see the draw results thread, I lucked out and drew a Fillmore, Pahvant muzzleloader elk tag. I'm going diy with my brother, and have never hunted Utah before, so I'd love to hear what you all have to say. I've heard a lot of great things about this unit, but also heard...
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    Finally Got A Tag

    Well I'm going on my first Montana hunt in November. Drew a Unit 317 cow elk tag. Got a buddy in Livingston that's been after me for 13 years to come hunt with I'm headed to Big Sky Country!
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    Any new gear for Christmas?

    Got a new 0 degree Hyke and Byke sleeping bag to replace my old 6 lb bag. Anybody else get some new gear, guns, etc?
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    Otters and mule deer mounts

    Got my otters and my CO muley back from the taxidermist the other day. The otters​ are from 2015 when Indiana opened it's first river otter season. The limit is 2 per season, and since fur prices are horrible and I've always thought otters were cool, figured I'd get a mount done. The muley is...
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    26 Moose Scouting Trip

    Headed to 26 next Friday to look around in case we ever draw our moose tag, and I had a couple questions. 1. Should I get a wolf tag just in case, or aren't​ there enough around to even waste my money? 2. What's the bear situation more than likely gonna be, lots or not too many around? 3. If...
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    Rabies FYI

    While my son was out in the yard playing wiffle ball Thursday night a bat ran into the side of his face and clamped onto his eyebrow/eyelid, and he had to pull it off, at witch time it clamped onto his hand as he tried to throw it. After finally flinging it off, he and his two brothers...
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    Rainbow Jake

    Well after a very typical for me first day implosion on a couple nice long beards, and with rain and wind coming in for the last two days of my 3 day hunt, I decided that a Jake under a double rainbow was a sign from above that I had better make hay while the sun was shining!
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    Archery Elk?

    My brother and I are planning on a 76 archery elk hunt for this fall. I was hoping some of you guys might have some input. I know that some of the units to the north are getting hammered this winter, but don't know if 76 is looking any better. I'd love to hear what some of you guys that have...
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    Kansas Prairie Chickens

    Was thinking about planning a day or two of prairie chicken hunting on the way home from a possible CO Elk hunt next year. I saw that Kansas had some management areas that looked promising. Wondered if anyone could give me an idea of what the chances were of actually finding birds without dogs...
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    Kifaru on a Crew Cab?

    I've got a Crew Cab and am thinking about adding capacity for extended (7-10 day) hunts. Was wondering if anybody had tried a kifaru bag (camp bag, markhor, tahr) on a Crew Cab and how well it works. Thought it might work like a nomad, without buying a new pack. My giant Cabela's dry bag will...
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    Paunsaugunt Management Buck

    Anybody have any information on the Paunsaugunt management buck season? I might have enough points to draw a tag and I think it would be awesome to just be in the unit in November. Just wondering if anyone had tried it, and could give me an idea of what to expect if I decide to give it a shot.
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    Happy hunting season!!

    Don't do alot of squirrel hunting anymore, but Aug. 15 is still the beginning of hunting season here in Indiana, and it always gets me pumped up!! So happy hunting season to all my fellow hoosiers (Boilers) and to everyone else! Hope we all have a great one, and I'm looking forward to having a...
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    Goat draw?

    Anybody know when the goat results are gonna be released?
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    unit 67 mule deer

    Alright, I waited a while but I'm dying for some info! I drew 67 3rd season with my brother and it's our first good mule deer tag. So, any info will be greatly appreciated, what to expect-terrain,weather, deer population, just everything! I don't care if you've just driven thru the unit before...
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    Cat cartridges

    Wondering if anybody had some recommendations for handgun set-ups for a Mt. Lion hunt with hounds. Probably won't happen for a long time, but why wait on the gun right?