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    African Hunting Antelope in WY unit 113

    PM sent
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    Alaska - negative test required

    the tough part is with demand being so high for testing, you need a result that is less than 72 hours old. Most labs right now are 5-8 days. I have a buddy who is trying to get to Alaska to fish but is having trouble with the testing requirement.
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    Altitude sickness

    I started taking diamox last year before an archery elk hunt. Started is a few days before the hunt as you were supposed to. My stomach did not tolerate it well and constant dry mouth and drowiness. I stopped it 2 days before my trip and managed fine without it.
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    WGFD proposed changes

    thanks for sharing
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    Wy SF0074

    Have to say the whole wilderness exclusion is pretty silly. My buddy and I did a guided archery elk hunt last year. One of the reasons being the area we wanted to hunt was in the cloud peak wilderness area. It was hysterical that one area we hunted a non resident could hunt with a guide and...
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    Wy SF0074

    I believe the report covers license, tags, permits and stamps. I do not believe that points are factored in since that is not something factored in by the feds. Interesting thing is the ratio for wildlife dollars non resident to resident is 3 to 1. Non residents are footing 76% of the bill for...
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    Wy SF0074

    Here is the break down money wise for Wy 2019 from USFWS WY Resident License, Tags Permits Stamps Non Resident License, Tags Permits Stamps $6,554,885.00...
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    Where U going to hunt this year???

    Wyoming Cow Elk, mule deer and antelope. Wyoming is make a few bucks off me in 2020.
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    altitude sickness

    Diamox is a script you can get from your doctor. You need to start taking it a few days before you leave and continue taking it while hunting.
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    Tag Soup 2019

    Buddy and I cashed in points , hired guide and did archery elk hunt in cloud peak wilderness in Wyoming. Hunted hard every day for 6 days and never launched an arrow. Saw elk sign, heard elk, saw elk but could not seal the deal. Double tag soup and a tough way to start the 2019 season.
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    Killed 150 Canada geese in one day

    Nice shoot. Geese on the east coast a broken into two populations (resident birds and Atlantic population -AP). Resident birds have a more liberal big limit and the season is early when AP birds are still in Canada and have not yet begun to migrate. AP birds this year is a very restrictive...
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    Jack O'Conner/Outdoor Life magazine

    Have a few of his books, along with a biography that was written about him. Loved his stories, especially the exotic locations like India and Iran. I use a .270 when I hunt out west. Also truly enjoy reading Robert Ruark.
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    Bow Sights

    Used to have a 3 pin set up and switched this year to single pin axcel accuhunter. Been very happy with it getting ready for archery elk in 2 weeks. See how it does in the field.
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    altitude pills

    I'll be hunting the bighorns this september and got a prescription from my doctor for Diamox. Acetazolamide is used to prevent and reduce the symptoms of altitude sickness. This medication can decrease headache, tiredness, nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath that can occur when you climb...
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    Who is bowhunting where?

    Archery Elk in Wyoming First Week of September. Getting close
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    Suggestions for Roosvelt Elk Archery Outfiiter

    Looking at doing an archery elk hunt for Roosevelt in 2020 with myself and 3 friends (hunting Wyoming archery elk in 2019). Looking for a recommendation for an outfitter. We are an experienced group of hunters having hunted both DIY and guided in Wy, Colorado and New Mexico the last few years...