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    Colorado above timberline 48/481/56/561 early rifle buck tag

    Well, i was kicking around some late season colorado hunts but ended up getting my wife's blessing to take a week in september for a high country buck hunt. Thats a big deal since we will be welcoming our 3rd child within a month! She is a trooper and I am lucky to have her. I ended up cashing...
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    MR Crew Cab

    I had the crewcab for 3 years and it is a great pack. Pretty much indestructible and very versatile. Ultimately, I sold it due to my torso length not allowing for proper angle on the load lifters. I have a 21" torso and the load lifters were below the top of my shoulders. Didn't bother me...
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    Kuiu Icon 6000

    More Pics Here are some other shots of the holster. Other pics to come.
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    Kuiu Icon 6000

    Here is a pic of the serpa paddle holster. Sorry pic quality is poor. The backside portion slides between the hipbelt and the hypalon sleeve on the bottom wand/stay but doesn't seem to inhibit function. When I undo the shoulder strap and run it throught the paddle, it helps to raise the draw...
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    Kuiu gear

    I just recieved my shipment yesterday. The ballcap, beanie, 185 merino top and guide jacket. The XL jacket feels like it was measured and cut just for me. For reference, I am 6'1" and weigh about 245. I have a 46" chest and about a 22" torso. I am more deep in the chest than wide in the...
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    Kuiu Icon 6000

    A new company is coming out called Kuiu. It was started by one of the former owners of Sitka Gear. They are doing a full line of clothing as well as a couple packs. A 3000 and a 6000 CI pack that will be interchangable on the same carbon fiber frame. I am planning on picking up an Icon 6000...