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  1. Wyoming Hart

    Kifaru Duplex Lite Large Belt Frame For Sale

    I am looking to sell my Kifaru Duplex Lite Frame. The belt is a large and that is the reason for selling as I have lost enough weight that I needed to get a medium. 26" length and long shoulder straps. Coyote Brown color. Some sweat and blood stains, otherwise it is in great condition. Will...
  2. Wyoming Hart

    Mystery Ranch Beartooth for sale

    I am looking to sell a Mystery Ranch Beartooth pack. It is brand new, never used. I won it and don't need it. Price is $500 firm through PayPal. I believe it is the XL size. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
  3. Wyoming Hart

    Spiked bipods

    Looking at spiked feet for shooting bipods. Does anyone here use them? If so, what brand?
  4. Wyoming Hart

    Idaho Trophy Species Draw Results

    Just got the depressing e-mail from Idaho Fish and Game, unsuccessful for sheep. Anyone draw anything?
  5. Wyoming Hart

    Wyoming Mule Deer and Utah Elk

    I'll post up the hunt story in this thread when I get the chance, but here are some pics of my recent trip to Wyoming and Utah with my uncle and cousin. Hopefully they come through ok.
  6. Wyoming Hart

    Bow Sights

    I'm looking to purchase a new bow sight soon. Open for anything, but leaning toward a single pin adjustable. What is everyone using and/or liking?
  7. Wyoming Hart

    Garmin GPS battery issues

    Checking to see if anyone else is having the battery issues with their Garmin GPS's that I have seen. Over the past 3 years, my Oregon 650 died (AA batteries), my uncle's Montana unit died (battery pack, I believe), and now his Rino 755 battery pack is dead in the water. My uncle's entire...
  8. Wyoming Hart

    2018 Spring Turkey

    Let's hear how your 2018 spring turkey season is going. From scouting till the end of the season, post it up. Saturday morning was the first that I have scouted, if you call driving the back road on your way to breakfast and stopping every so often to listen on the mountain, scouting. It was...
  9. Wyoming Hart

    Wyoming Governor's Bighorn Sheep Tag

    Was at the Eastern Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation's Convention on Saturday night and the 2nd Wyoming Governor's Bighorn Sheep tag was the last item on the auction list. It went for $86,000, up from $76,000 last year. The first one at the Reno show went for $95,000. Good money going for...
  10. Wyoming Hart

    Eastman's TV Wilderness Elk 2 part Hunt

    I want to thank Eastman's for the great 2 episode series for Dan Pickar's Wyoming wilderness elk hunt that aired last week and this week. I think this is what outdoor tv should be. The features of interviews of the Wyoming Game and Fish and National Park Service personnel regarding grizzly...
  11. Wyoming Hart

    Spot or Inreach

    Saw a Spot satellite communicator at the local Gander Mountain today for $150 as a part of their store clearance. Is the spot as good as the Garmin Inreach?
  12. Wyoming Hart


    Any Supertag winners out there?
  13. Wyoming Hart

    Follow ups

    Any past winners want to chime in on how their giveaways have worked out on their hunts? Would like to see some pictures as well!
  14. Wyoming Hart

    PA bird

    Took this PA longbeard this morning. 9" beard and 1" spurs. Third day of the season here and the weather has been crazy and all other the place.
  15. Wyoming Hart

    Zamberlan boots

    Looking at getting a pair of Zamberlan boots sometime this summer. For those of you that use them, what model do you have or have used in the past and what are some positives and negatives? Thanks
  16. Wyoming Hart

    Happy Easter

    Sending Happy Easter wishes to Eastman's Forum nation from Pennsylvania. We had a beautiful Sunrise service wild turkeys gobbling and birds singing in the background. Truly a great day to celebrate God's wondrous creation.
  17. Wyoming Hart

    EBJ Wyoming Elk

    Has anyone else not received the latest EBJ with the Wyoming elk MRS? I thought I got last year's by Christmas.
  18. Wyoming Hart

    Fall Turkey Hunting

    Anyone hunting this fall anywhere? Pennsylvania's season starts around the beginning of November. Hopefully harvest my buck with a bow before then, so I can concentrate fully on the birds.
  19. Wyoming Hart

    Prairie Dogs

    Looking for areas or outfitters for prairie dog hunting in South Dakota or Wyoming somewhat close to Interstate 90. Not partial to anything, just looking for a couple days of fun with my father. Thanks.
  20. Wyoming Hart


    Anybody get lucky and draw a Montana Supertag license?