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  1. fackelberry

    What Makes A Big Mule Deer?????

    I think "BIG" is subjective. A big mule deer to 1 hunter isn't very big to another. I've read thousands of magazines and watched as many hunting shows over the years with articles, pictures and video of some HUGE deer to me. I've also seen about as many claims of "BIG" deer taken or viewed by...
  2. fackelberry

    The Whitetail Success Thread

    Probably will never get a bigger one! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  3. fackelberry

    2018 Wyoming Area 26 Antelope Tag

    Is there any Veterans or Law Enforcement officers past or present that drew an area 26 Antelope tag for 2018? I have hunted this area off and on for over 25 years and know it well. I have mainly hunted public lands for myself but used to guide hunters on my friends ranch for 15 years. I havn't...
  4. fackelberry

    Get away from crowds in S Dakota?!

    Ok I think I got it! Here is the last BlackHills buck I shot. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  5. fackelberry

    Lead BB or T shot

    Hey fellas, Thought i would ask you serious bird hunters on here. Do any of you have old shells with lead BB or T shot you wanna sell or get rid of? I use it alot for predator hunting and its hard to find anywhere. I'm not a bird hunter at all but thought to check with you guys incase you had...
  6. fackelberry


    So i got some bad news a few days ago. I am probably going to have to have my gall bladder removed sooner than later. I have to call Doctors tomorrow and see how long i may be able to put it off. The reason is i drew my Wyoming moose tag this year and was planning on bowhunting starting the...
  7. fackelberry

    Eastern Region G scouting trip

    Just got back from the Eastern side of region G. I was scouting for my moose but thought i would relay some info to a few that might be hunting deer over there this year. I seen a fair amount of does in the 2 days i was there. most by the roads. I seen 3 seperate does with twin fawns and they...
  8. fackelberry

    Barnes 185TTSX in .338 WIN MAG

    I'm trying to put together a load for my .338 Win Mag using the 185 TTSX. Anybody have experience with this bullet in the 338? Any load data or best powders they have found for it? i've tried a few bullets heavier than this but wanted to see if anyone has real world experience with this bullet...
  9. fackelberry

    Backpack Weight

    I have decided 2 months ago to get back in better shape for a moose hunt in Wyoming i should draw this year. Been walking alot and cutting down on eating and carbs. Lost 20 pounds so far and want to loose another 20 before hunting season. I want to start putting weight in my backpack but...
  10. fackelberry

    Iowa Whitetail Suggestions

    I am thinking about going to Iowa in 2018 to hunt whitetail. I have been one of those point "hoarders" for a long time. Was waiting for a good time to go and figured i better get points so i can draw whatever tag in whatever area i decided to hunt in. With that being said i have 6 points for...
  11. fackelberry

    2017 Wyoming moose hunt info

    I have 13 resident preference points for Wyoming going into the 2017 draw. I am going to cash them in because the moose situation is getting more grim as the years pass. I can draw about 5-6 areas according to last years draw results. I have narrowed it down to about 3 or 4 that i would like...