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  1. hardstalk

    3 Generation lope hunt

    Got out this weekend to fill #1 of 4 Nevada tags. I had an idea to bring both of my kids and all of the nephews along.. The younger boys haven't experienced a hunt yet and there always asking when they can tag along (both are 4 years old) . My Dad joined us and I had a hand rustling up the...
  2. hardstalk

    2020 Official Nevada Big Game Draw Countdown.

    Firing it up early! These threads are too fun to let die!
  3. hardstalk

    Any Bishop CA guys around?

    Curious if anyone on the forum is from around the Bishop Ca area? Or knows the area well? Thinking of a bonsai trip this weekend to check out the bishop mule days and do some fishing with the kids. Looking for close forest area I can bring a 32' toy hauler. Thanks in advance!
  4. hardstalk

    NON Res Kaibab Archery

    Curious if any AZ fellas know the odds for a non-res to draw this archery tag? I've got 2 points in AZ and plan on selecting it as 1st choice. Most internet research I can find is pretty outdated. I havent committed to the Go Hunt subscription but questions like this really push me toward that...
  5. hardstalk

    WTS FHF bino harness. Multi cam.

    I was at the "rmef hunter Christmas" expo and got my hands on the agc harness. Wanting to try it out but need to sell the FHF first. Same model as this. FHF bino harness medium holds my 12x50 razor HD fine. 65$ shipped. No known defects but I...
  6. hardstalk

    Hide tanning?

    Does anyone tan there own deer,elk,antelope hides? I have an idea of making a large blanket. (Hair off) It may take several years. I was thinking of using 10"x10" pieces of each animal I "harvest" and eventually making a blanket of some sort. My question is if anyone does, or have done there...
  7. hardstalk

    Dos Mas.

    Sunday morning fun! thats 3 total for .264 this month. and yes. This hunt was a "horns shorter than ears" tag. Aka doe hunt. [emoji3]
  8. hardstalk

    84" NV goat hits the desert floor.

    Well, I think were going Boone and Crocket! Everything came together for my dad and I. Found him at 5:40 a.m, took 6 hours to close the distance. I dialed the turret on the vortex. My dad dropped the hammer. Rough green score 84 2/8- 17'' length. He was really hard to field judge his head is...
  9. hardstalk

    Free pants. (Youth/teen h

    I know I wear a fairly small size, just curious if anyone has a growing teen they need a few pair of pants for hunting and trashing. If not I'll goodwill them. Sizes range a bit. 30x32 and 30x34. Have 8 pairs that I'll be getting rid of. I like to wear them for scouting trips and AZ hunting...
  10. hardstalk

    The fruit of our labors.

    Just wrapping up the doe from last week. We had a blast. 5 tags filled in 24 hours. Time to eat! got about 6 roasts, backstraps and tenderloins already in the freezer from her as well.
  11. hardstalk

    Quick question for gun nuts.

    I've got a pallet of 7.62 x 39 norinco ammo. Just curious what it's worth?1200 rounds 60 boxes. Non corrosive lead core stamped 31 93
  12. hardstalk

    Let's use this tool for another purpose!

    Tri2hunt is the gentleman's forum name, his real name is Micah his wife's name is Rebecca and cb is the infants name. The story is truly heartbreaking in my opinion. Cb has been diagnosed with a rare disease called Canavan disease. The story and outline can be found here...
  13. hardstalk

    2nd draw

    Anyone else have points change or cc hit?
  14. hardstalk

    Official 2014 NV scouting thread.

    Deer, elk, pronghorn, sheep, I figured I would start a thread for everyone starting to scout for what they drew a tag for. This way we can follow progress without getting lost in that other crazy long thread. Let's see em!
  15. hardstalk

    What age did you get them started?

    Those with children. What age did you start taking them hiking along, camping overnight, and hangin in the woods?
  16. hardstalk

    Spring Cleaning Time!! leupold,cabelas,black creek, ride.

    all item prices are tyd. Blacks Creek jim horn edition pack with removable daypack. (same model and options, different color) pretty versatile pack, used for several hunts, clean as new. any details are listed in video above. lets do 110.00 tyd for...
  17. hardstalk

    What a culture shock!

    Scouted several times pre-bow season once during bow season and once this weekend. My how things change come rifle season! Not a single buck in 2 days of pretty hard glassing but 4 wheelers, rhinos, jeeps and toyotas galore. I guess ive been spoiled archery and muzzy hunting the past couple...
  18. hardstalk

    Freezer is full!

    3 hours into the hunt, rain was hot my tail. Glassed em up about 3 miles out. Got to 300 and waited her out from behind a small pine tree. .264 rang out and I found her in a pile of lung and debris. Cooked up a backstrap with bacon and garlic last night. One of the best cuts of meat Ive ever had...
  19. hardstalk

    Backcountry Stalker!!

    Haven't heard from ya, hows the preseason scouting coming? Hows the baby doing?
  20. hardstalk

    Vegas guys have a look!

    I received this email this a.m and thought I would share if you do not receive them. I participate in several of the local non profit wildlife groups around town and often times get feedback from others on how they can help out. I will start posting the email and contact info if your interested...