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  1. Grantbvfd

    Seek outside or kifaru

    Looking in to a 8 man tipi. These are the 2 I am seriously considering. Any thoughts or experiences on either? I have kifaru gear and I am extremely impressed with all of it. The seek outside has some things in its construction that I like a lot though. Any ideas will help.
  2. Grantbvfd

    Mystery Ranch 6500

    Mystery Ranch 6500 in coyote brown. Has medium yoke 5'9" - 6'4". It has a medium waistbelt 34"-38". It has been used for one season. No rips, tears or stains. All the stitching is in good condition. It comes with the standard daylid that converts in to a daypack. Can post pics if needed. Price...
  3. Grantbvfd

    California to abolish the death penalty

    It will be on the ballot this November. This state keeps getting worse. If you do a horrible crime..... We will put you on timeout. With 3 hot meals a day, cable TV, AC, heat, clean clothes and all the healthcare you need. O I almost forgot we will pay you $1 a day for every day you are in...
  4. Grantbvfd

    Hunting GPS maps

    Would you guy recommend the SD card or the download? I'm leaning towards the SD card because our PC is older and has some issues. Also the SD card seems extremely easy to use. I'm also not too computer savvy. Im thinking there shouldn't be any issues referencing my existing topo maps to the...
  5. Grantbvfd

    New bowtech

    Just ordered a new heartbreaker for my daughters 11th birthday. Can't wait for some father/daughter shoots!
  6. Grantbvfd

    New rifle for the wife

    Looking at a new gun for my wife. Looking at either a .243 or 25-06. What do you guys think?
  7. Grantbvfd

    MR Crew Cab or Eberlestock Blue Widow?

    Like them both. I have tried on the BW with about 40 lbs on it and it was very comfortable. Unfortunately you can't try on a Crew Cab without knowing someone with one. Any opinions would help.
  8. Grantbvfd

    2011 Montana public land Muley

  9. Grantbvfd


    After 6 years on the road I am finally getting a new job where I can be home with the wife and kids every night! Can't wait to spend more time in the outdoors with the family!..... And on my own!
  10. Grantbvfd

    Honest Opinions

    I am looking for a pack to use for 2-7 day trips for blacktail. I want honest opinions between the BC G11, badlands 4500 and the Eberlestock Blue Widow. I have narrowed it down to theses 3 packs and I am curious which one you guys would go with. I like the detatchable fanny pack idea with all...
  11. Grantbvfd

    Northern California blacktail

    This is 3 weeks after the season closed
  12. Grantbvfd

    Blacks creek

    Wondering about the quality of the blacks creek products. Looking in to getting the new G11 but have heard some issues with quality in the past. Rapes pally zippers.