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  1. Aldapow

    Miroku Scope ?

    Miroku scopes were made for the lower price point market. But they were excellent scopes in their day. I had 3 and not one of them fogged, changed zero, or caused any problems.
  2. Aldapow

    Shooting in the rain and wet optics

    I use a Lupold LP110797-BRK VX-2 3-9x40mm waterproof & fog proof. It gives me precise shots and increases the shooting range. Here is why I use the waterproof scope on a rainy day and I think you should also use a good scope that would be waterproof.
  3. Aldapow

    What to top my new rifle with

    I recently picked up the same rifle as you but in 7mm Rem Mag and I am thinking about using my Bushnell 3-12x44 LRHS on it for glass. I think this scope will allow me to shoot out at as far a range as I really need to be hunting at. I found this great resource about everything long range scope...
  4. Aldapow

    Aimpoint PRO owners, which mount and why?

    I used a Trijicon MRO 1x25mm, but only because it offers 2 different height options integrated into the stock riser. I'm perfectly happy with it. I can suggest you a great resource listing but you've to choose yourself from the list-
  5. Aldapow

    Best hunting boots????

    If you're serious about buying a top hunting boot visit You will get a list of top boots for hunting. I owned Rocky Duty, Danner, Irish Setters and i'm satisfied.
  6. Aldapow

    Good 1-6x scopes in the $500-$600

    Anyone here know of a good 1-6x scope in the $500- $600 range? At the low end of $ 265, I saw the primary arms 1-6, but I wonder about their durability. The top of the $ 1000 arena has suggestions from Leupold, Vortex, Trijicon and Bushnell, but they are all outside of my price range. Im just...
  7. Aldapow

    Looking for a good 150gr Broadhead, mechanical or fixed

    Hello all.. So I'm relatively new to bow hunting and have myself an Excaliber Micro 335. Last year even though I got a buck I was unhappy with the Excaliber Bolt cutters. Not much of a blood trial or non at all. Is there a company out there that makes an 150gr mechanical or wider fixed blade...
  8. Aldapow

    Hi everyone!

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and Glad to be joining the community