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  1. Timber Stalker

    Son in laws desert ram

    Damn nice ram!
  2. Timber Stalker

    Got my Desert Ram back!

    Beautiful, congrats.
  3. Timber Stalker

    Texan bow hunter killed by Pennsylvanian muzzle loader

    In a world where a person can sew for burning them a self with hot coffee, why not put in the big game regs if you bow hunt an area while there is a Muzzy season some idiot may shoot you. it is the shooters fault 100% no in else to blame here. I’m sure stupid people still burn themselves with...
  4. Timber Stalker

    The Memes Thread!

  5. Timber Stalker

    A New Rifle....

    I would be looking for a Winchester M70 in 30-06. I used to have one but I gave it to my youngest brother, he killed an elk with it last week. Crazy huh.
  6. Timber Stalker

    Your favorite hunting photo!

    The top picture looks like it could have been from a movie. Your father looks like a kind and patient man. I can see why this is a favorite of your CC.
  7. Timber Stalker

    Your favorite hunting photo!

    It was HOT! That day it was only 85, the first 12 we’re 95+ I haven’t worn that shirt since lol.
  8. Timber Stalker

    Your favorite hunting photo!

    It’s so hard to pic one. But I have to go with this one, the toughest most rewarding solo hunt I will ever do. Even taking pictures was work!
  9. Timber Stalker

    New Mexico Unit 16C

    Nicely done sir! Congrats
  10. Timber Stalker

    Your Best Bulls!!!

    My best Oregon bulls And my best from NM
  11. Timber Stalker

    Your Best Buck!!!!

    Impressive collection gone 247
  12. Timber Stalker

    Your Best Buck!!!!

    I was pretty happy! That was along time ago, nearly 30 years. I had a three years steak back then and was certain I figured out how to kill big Blacktails. Like a lot of things at 22 I was pretty naive.
  13. Timber Stalker

    Your Best Buck!!!!

    This treads is a stone cold reminder of how small my best buck is. It’s is a Blacktail however and I have taken several of this caliber. Big Mule deer just seem to escape me.
  14. Timber Stalker

    2021 Hunting Success Thread

    My future son in law killed this buck in Oregon on a mid October Muzzy hunt. I’m very proud of him and my daughter, they hunt, fish, ride motorcycles among other outdoor stuff together all the time. They are always on the move to their next adventure. I rough scored it at 189 gross, very nice...
  15. Timber Stalker

    My favorite pics from 21

    Although I didn’t kill anything this season I still saw some neat country and had a shot at a nice bull during archery season that I cleanly missed. .Here’s a few of my favorites pics from this year. Archery elk and western rifle deer weekend warrior Hunting
  16. Timber Stalker

    My First Ca Bear

    That’s awesome ! Are going to do a rug or full mount?
  17. Timber Stalker

    Oregon - NE Whitehorse Muzzleloader Hunt

    I had the tag in ‘05, I shot a 22” 4 point on day seven, was not impressed with the hunt back then and never tried to draw it again.
  18. Timber Stalker

    My First Ca Bear

    Beautiful bear! Congrats sir.
  19. Timber Stalker

    How many rounds of ammo to take?

    If I’m making a trip I take way more that I ever need. I reload so I typically take 50 round for each rifle, when I bring a box it’s a big box.
  20. Timber Stalker

    2021 Elk Success Thread

    Stressful moments. I’ve always said you can’t celebrate till you have your hands on them. Congrats