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    WY Area 114

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience hunting antelope in area 114? I normally hunt antelope in Carbon county but with the bad winter south of I-80 last winter I decided to go north this year. Guy says it's a good area so I applied for and drew it. I'm sure it'll be fun whether I shoot...
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    Let the gov't goat slaughter begin!

    Tomorrow, Grand Teton Nat'l Park will start the gunning of mountain goats from helicopters in an effort to completely eradicate all of the goats within the park. They consider the goats to be an invasive species and a threat to the struggling bighorn sheep population. I sure wish they had that...
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    WY Area 34 Deer

    Just wondering if anyone might have some general pointers for area 34 deer. My daughter drew a tag but I've never stepped foot in that area and don't know squat about it. I'd just like to find her a nice 4 point, not looking for a monster. She's in college at Laramie so we're probably only...
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    Giant WY Elk is Dead

    The legendary Wyoming elk known as "The Big Bull" has left the the Nat'l Elk Refuge for the last time. I don't have the skinny on what caused his death yet, I just hope it wasn't by the wolves. After his skull gets cleaned up I'll get a score on him. He was one truly enormous bull which I'm sure...
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    Moose on the Endangered Species List

    Has anyone ever thought of moose as an endangered species? I never did until I saw the devestation the wolves have caused here in the west. Well get ready, yesterday the USFWS announced that Minnesota's moose may warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act! The Center for Biological...
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    Another Wolf Lawsuit

    A new wolf lawsuit was filed in Idaho yesterday. Western Watersheds Project and 4 other groups are seeking to shut down wolf hunting in Idaho once again. This crap sure gets old! The USFWS estimates Idaho's wolf population at 786 as of the end of 2015. The feds require a minimum of 150 wolves...
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    Wyoming 2016 Hunting Forecast

    WG&F has put out their hunting forecast for 2016 and as expected it is generally on the uptick due to the recent mild winters and summer rains. I browsed a few of the antelope areas I'm familiar with and feel the Game & Fish were spot on in their assessments. I'm glad they recognize the dismal...
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    Sport Killing

    This was just posted on the website a few hours ago. These government sponsored terrorists killed 19 elk one night on a feedground in Bondurant, WY and left them lay. Wanton waste.
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    Save a Moose

    As most of you know the moose herds of western Wyoming and the areas surrounding Yellowstone in ID and MT have been in severe decline for some time now. In Wyoming we still have cow moose seasons in some of these areas. I think WY should eliminate all of the cow hunts in these areas as the...
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    Is Wyoming Giving Up on Deer?

    After setting a population goal of 50,000 for western WY deer and not being able to attain it the WG&F is proposing to reset their goal to 40,000. I believe the population is currently estimated to be about 34,000, only 68% of their current goal. What do you think, do we have enough deer? The...
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    Namibia Bans Hunting Bans

    I know this is a N. American hunting website but I thought this was amazing. Namibia has officially voted to declare itself as a pro-hunting country and has banned any future hunting bans. Wow! If we could only be so lucky as to have a government that gives 100% support to its hunting community...
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    Wyoming Eye Candy

    2015 Wyoming bull
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    Updated Draft Antelope Proposals

    Just a quick scan of the antelope proposals look good. In the western areas, 85 and up, there were no increases except one area of private land area. I know some folks on here would like to see more tags given out so their odds of drawing get better but the antelope herds (at least in western...
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    Android GPS App

    First let me say that I really like a gps when traveling or in my boat but have never found any need for a gps when hunting and have never used one for hunting. That said, I'm considering getting one for my phone so I can accurately locate private land boundaries this fall. I've downloaded a 7...
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    Wyoming Auction Tags

    What do you guys think of Wyoming auctioning off the Governor's tags? I personally think it's great. The 2014 Gov's moose tags are selling really well and should bring in a record amount of $ for moose research, habitat improvement etc.
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    Should drones be legal?

    On the "airplane scouting" post there was a mixed bag of opinions as to whether or not it's ethical to scout game from the air. So what do you guys think about the use of drones? I hear they are being used in the Greys by some guys for locating deer.
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    Kudu horn growth

    I thought this study on kudu horn growth -vs- age chart was interesting. The study was done on typical horn growth rates from Kruger Nat'l Park in S. Africa. The bull kudu parallel almost identically to bull elk in aging and maturity. Cow elk live longer than bull elk but apparently the same is...
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    Point Creeps

    Has anyone looked at the new draw odds for nonresident elk? Ouch! I have several guys from out of state that have max points for elk but have yet to enter a draw. I looked at some different limited quota areas to see how the draw odds changed from last year and they are going backwards! One of...
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    128 General Deer?

    I've hunted 128-1 late season deer a few times and know what it's all about but I don't have much experience in the general season. I took my kids over there last fall and one of my girls shot her first mule deer, a small 4 point. The first weekend that we hunted they had that big snow on...