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    WY Any Species Tag

    If the Game and Fish called you up today and said you are the lucky person who just won a license for any species in the state, good for all areas, what would you choose and why? P.S. I have a week until they need their answer ;)
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    6.5 CM Loads

    Hi guys, I know this has been brought up in the past, but would any of you 6.5 creedmoor owners share the load you are using and what gun you are shooting it through. I am hoping that there will be one in Santa's Sleigh for me and I am getting excited and would like to have some bullets ready...
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    I am cursing/crying, I really thought I would draw...... What did you draw?
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    LR Reticle

    I am looking at a new 3-9x40 or 4-12x40 leupold scope with the LR reticle. For those who are not familiar with it, the scope has a regular duplex type cross-hairs but also has two dots on the lower vertical post. If you shoot a 30'06 and sight the main cross hairs in at 200 yards the first dot...
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    Moose Super Tag?

    Does anyone know where Vernon Henley killed his moose at for the 2014 super tag? Sure is a dandy bull!