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  1. DRUSS

    Which hybrid is everyone using?

    Guys, checking the waters on who's using what? And how they like them. I remember a couple older articles on them so curious if people are still running the same setup or was improvements needed?
  2. DRUSS

    Bighorn mtns type 9

    Guys, I would like to hear anyone's experience in the bighorns on a type 9 tag hunt? How crowded it was? Did you enjoy the hunt? Would you apply again if had the points? I should be able to draw this season and would like to hear the pros and cons of the Bighorn mtns bow hunt for elk. Thanks
  3. DRUSS

    .338 230gr ELD-X Loads???

    Hey Guys, just checking in to see if anyone has been loading these in the 338 win mag? powder starting points possibly? i have a email into Hornady currently awaiting a response just figured i would see if any real world experience has happened yet? thanks in advance.
  4. DRUSS

    Iron Will or Solid 100gr

    Just what the title says guys, what are your experiences with either of these broadhead companies? I like the looks of both but trying to decide which to try. I believe both will be good choices so just looking for real life experiences. TIA
  5. DRUSS

    20' Spring Bear

    Well has anyone else drawn the tag they were after? I drew Mt Emily/Walla Walla. looking forward to the area never been up there this early in the year. now just waiting till the snow starts coming off the hillsides...…..
  6. DRUSS

    Wilderness pack in??

    Wondering if anyone out here has packed into the wilderness areas of weneha? Planning on a backpacking type trip. Would like to stay a couple nights move then maybe a couple more. Any suggestions of trailheads to try out? And hows water availability? Or any huckleberry patches to maybe check...
  7. DRUSS

    Bighorns unit 38

    Hi guys, my buddy and I are going to apply in unit 38 type1 tag this year. Was interested in others experiences of this hunt? Did you enjoy the area? The animals that were Seen? Was it overly crowded, good camping trip? Just others opinions on the area. Neither of us have hunted the area just...
  8. DRUSS

    Low light binoculars?

    Hey guys, after another season of coastal hunting I have decided it's time to update my binos. Currently have 12x56mm victory. Good glass just looking into newer maybe better binos. Looking at swarovski 12x50el,10x42el. Leica same magnification also Zeiss ht,sf. I would prefer the brightest...
  9. DRUSS

    Archery 2017

    Opening morning Roosevelt
  10. DRUSS

    Tag reductions

    Not sure who all has seen, but odfw posted some numbers of tag reductions in some of the east side units. Deer and antelope.
  11. DRUSS

    Women's danner and Columbia boots

    Going through the boot stack have some boots my wife doest wear anymore. A pr of danner outfitter series 400gr thinsulate size 9 medium 9" tall boots. And a pair of Columbia Frontier peak gtx size 8 1/2 boots both pairs of boots light use. She got a pair of asolo and a pr of kenetrek to replace...
  12. DRUSS

    burris coupon

    burris coupon SOLD I have a 50% off msrp coupon for burris scopes. it comes with a catalog and price list. I would like to sell not sure how much to ask but I am open to offers???
  13. DRUSS

    mill creek elk????

    was just wondering if anybody out there has had the chance to hunt this unit ? was looking at applying here this year.
  14. DRUSS

    one more blacktail pic

    a north coast buck. little bit blury but the rain wasn't cooperating with my camera well
  15. DRUSS

    first antelope trip to Wy.

    just wanted to share couple pics of my wife and my first antelope
  16. DRUSS

    intro DRUSS

    HELLO EVERYONE! my name is Devon I live in St. Helens OR . spend lot of time outdoors mostly hiking or fishing, due to hunting seasons being as short as they are here. I have hunted mule deer , blacktail deer, rocky mtn elk, and Roosevelt elk, black bear, antelope,coyotes almost exclusively in...
  17. DRUSS

    snake river sheep!

    hoping somebody out there can offer some info on this hunt? want to be DIY and finding past experience about this hunt is tough with limited tags that are offered here.