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  1. BKC

    Summertime visitor

    Every year I move my horse and mule over to another pasture and then I start getting visits from the local mule deer. Last year I had 3 of them. So far only one this year but he is looking strange. In 2 months he is going to sport an absolutely huge war club.
  2. BKC

    Missing park ranger since 1980

    The winter 2021 OUTSIDE magazine has a hell of a story about a park ranger who disappeared in 1980 and was never found. It is a crazy read, to say the least! Attached is a brief snipit of the story from another source. I can't believe this hasn't been made into a movie. who dunit...
  3. BKC

    Pennsylvania saddle maker info?

    So I recently purchased this saddle, finally found one that fits my mule fairly well. I don't know if it's a mule saddle but it fits his fronts real well and just has a little bit of rock to it, not much. What I'm looking for is any information on the saddle maker. I Googled him but could not...
  4. BKC

    DIY camouflage paint job

    I decided to give my 300 win mag a little face lift. I have the zytel boat paddle stock. This was my first attempt at this. I watched a dozen youtube videos and it looked fairly straightforward Has anyone else tried it? Let's see them.
  5. BKC

    Colorado regulations are out

    The 2019 brochure is out and just want to get some opinions on what you are going to do with Moose, goat or sheep. Are you willing to opt in or opt out on the $50 resident , $100 non resident, application fee. The extra cash gets you a preference point or a weighted point. I'm sitting at max...
  6. BKC

    A permanent replacement for my R.V

    I knocked on the right door 25 years ago. Met a great family and floated this idea to them. This replaces the old r.v. that is now owned by the local mice population. Spent the last season in it and will probably be in it 100% in a few years.
  7. BKC

    Getting the monkey off my back

    2018 muzzy deer, It was a long dry spell. Feels good to get back into the scoring column. These deer were all taken by family during that dry spell. The lone deer is my latest. He was a tough deer, had to put one more in him.
  8. BKC

    Lost horses and mule

    Hey everyone, I need your help, I lost my two horses and mule, Sunday am sept 4th Last seen at timberline in the Ptarmigan wilderness Area on the Silverthorne Colorado side All three have halters and a lead rope. This is his wife, and I will be checking back in Please call 303-901-2962...
  9. BKC

    september bear hunts

    Does anybody have any experience hunting bear with a rifle in southern Colorado, specifically the Bosque del Oso SWA?
  10. BKC

    Check out my newest addition!

    Hey everyone, Ive had a busy day and here is the result. His name is Hardy ( Named after Hardy Fimps, Do you remember the shortest schoolkid that was on the cattle drive in the movie "the Cowboys". He was the one that John Wayne had stand in front of the chalkboard at the schoolhouse and he...
  11. BKC

    Old eyes and Lasik surgery

    I was in glasses for about 40 years. About 10 years ago, I had lasik surgery done and am now free of glasses. As of late I now wear cheap magnification glasses just for reading. I also notice that the rear sight on my muzzleloader is a little tough to see ( fuzzy). Has anybody had this done and...
  12. BKC

    buffalo hunt

    I need some general info. help. I got lucky and I just drew a cow buffalo tag for an indian reservation. It happens anytime I want to from Sept. to up untill Christmas. It is in a large pasture/pen, about 3000 acres. It should be a 100 yard shot at most. Has anyone done this type of hunt ( I...
  13. BKC

    21 colorado resident elk pref. points

    I need other hunters opinions. I know where I am hunting but maybe someone out there knows something I don't. This is my big year. Any public tag in this state is mine for the taking! What are your thoughts?