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  1. NE69


    Was always wanting to get a bobcat. I was able to call one in and take him down. Did it again 5 days later.
  2. NE69

    New Partner

    Been 6 years since I lost my GSP to cancer. Finally decided it was time for another. This is Jack, 11 weeks old. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    NR Kansas Muley Bow tag

    Finally drew it. As close to winning the lottery as I will ever come. 10 miles to Kansas from my door, Woo hoo!!!! :D
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    Fines for Antelope massacre

    25 antelope were found shot in a wheat field in western Nebraska in November. Nebraska Game and parks caught the guys and they were fined $950 each and given 18 months probation. Sure wasn't much of a fine for all the damage they did killing a whole herd and leaving them to waste. I'm pissed...
  5. NE69

    Swaro ATX and old eyes

    Purchased the Swaro ATX 30-70x95 spotter last year. I tried to justify it and went back and forth for many months before purchasing. After using it for 9 months I can say it was worth it. It is amazing glass. The detail I can see at several miles is just awesome. One reason I had doubts is that...
  6. NE69

    Nebraska Muley

    Brother in law shot this buck in 1963. I got it back from the taxi last week. I decided to get it mounted as it needs to be seen and as a way to pay him back for helping me through the years. I think he was pretty happy. This buck is a beast. He just gets bigger looking all the time. He shot...
  7. NE69

    Purina Mule Deer 22 feed?

    Thinking of supplementing some of the areas where I hunt with a high protein feed. Not so much to grow big antlers but just to just increase health of the deer and get them to come to the feeders. I feed a mixture of corn, wheat and milo now. Does any one have any experience with Purina's mule...
  8. NE69

    WTB Large Muley Cape

    Looking for a cape for a large muley brother in law shot years ago. Wanting to mount it as a present for all he has done to help me over the years. Checked with local Taxi's but no luck yet.:)
  9. NE69

    Antelope Pic in Casper Sportsmans WH

    Last fall hunting season I saw a picture on the trophy wall in Sportsman's Warehouse loacted in Casper WY. The antelope looked big and the writing on it said score of 100+. Hunters name was on it but I didn't think of taking a pic of it at the time. Figured if it was legit I would see it in the...
  10. NE69

    Hunting Maps

    Have anyone used I used them last year for a WY map and was impressed with the info. I ordered a map online at 1:30 pm on Saturday and it was in my mailbox Monday at noon. Still can't believe they got it here that fast? You can click on an antelope unit and it shows you...