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  1. bigmoose

    What are you guys reading?

    I'm reading the Kaiser's Web by Steve Berry right now. This is the 16th in the Cotton Malone series and I've read all of them. I like John Sanford's Virgil Flowers and Lucas Davenport series also. I also like CJ Box and Tony Hillerman.
  2. bigmoose

    When did you kill your first deer?

    Thanks Dan. This was my 2nd out of state hunt with my family. We were hunting the Gravelly Range mainly for elk. There weren't a lot of deer but if you saw one it would most likely be a buck. We saw very few does back then.
  3. bigmoose

    When did you kill your first deer?

    This one from Montana 1962 when I was 12.
  4. bigmoose

    October Storm Totals

    Geez... If I just a 44 deer tag... LOL
  5. bigmoose

    Your Oldest Animal

    My California Bighorn is 8 1/2 years old. Wish I had aged some of my bucks. I think a few would have gone 6 or 7.
  6. bigmoose

    Demographics of Eastmans Hunting Forum

    I'm 70 and an old truck driver. 44 years ... mostly tankers. I grew up in the northern California Sierras and have retired to Nevada.
  7. bigmoose

    Your Biggest Buck

    CC that 30 incher is a monster for California ! I grew up in the Sierras and I have never seen a buck like that where I lived. Congrats !
  8. bigmoose

    Your Biggest Buck

    I did not get many photos of him in the field. Here's one in camp and one of him on the wall. Wish I'd had a better camera back then instead of little Kodak Instamatic. My wife was with me and we had quite a time getting him into the Jeep. The Jeep did not have a tailgate and I had to take the...
  9. bigmoose

    Your Biggest Buck

    My highest scoring buck. My 2nd highest scoring buck.
  10. bigmoose

    Friendly Hunting Competition???

    I don't think it's a good idea. I know a lot of those whitetail programs are doing it but that doesn't make it right in my book. Kind of like Pete Rose betting on baseball... LOL. I usually hunt with 4 or 5 other guys and we started out, years ago, putting $5 in a pot and the guy with the...
  11. bigmoose

    Where you hunting this year?

    No mule deer tags for me. Heading to Wyoming for antelope. It will be a fun family hunt.
  12. bigmoose

    NV 101-109

    If you find roads that cross private property they will most likely be blocked off. Access can be a problem.
  13. bigmoose

    What would be your dream hunt?

    I'm with CC. Antelope Island or even the Henries. I've always been a mule deer hunter at heart. A big buck still gets my blood pumping! When I was younger, I'd dreamed of hunting Stone sheep in Canada. That would be my 2nd choice. Something about sheep hunting... I could get hooked !
  14. bigmoose

    Casper to Shoshoni Goats and Deer

    go_deep... Your report sounds encouraging ! I hope to have a antelope tag in 73 this year. Should be finding out soon.
  15. bigmoose

    Post Your Favorite Hunting Picture!

    This was one of the best hunts that I've ever been on. We had a big family/friends camp set up in our favorite campsite. I think there were 17 of us and several big bucks were taken. This was my 200 inch 5X6. I had to leave him overnight and just hung him in this tree. The last night in camp...
  16. bigmoose

    DIY or guided ?????

    This would be my thought.
  17. bigmoose

    High Country Muleys 2020 who's in?

    " I hunted the high country in unit 44 for muzzle loader in 2018 and saw very few bucks, they were all down lower in the trees. But I also saw very few bucks that whole season, I actually saw more bears than I did bucks. I should draw that 44 muzzle loader tag again this year and hope that...
  18. bigmoose

    Colorado 44 2nd season

    Nice buck ! Congrats !
  19. bigmoose

    Home From Wyoming Antelope & Deer Hunt

    No I don't. My tag is for #34. I did not make it though. My truck broke down in Ely,Nv. and I spent 5 days there and $1200 in repairs and towing. Pretty much all my trip allowance. Wife was not feeling well, so just came home... now if I just had another 10 years to draw again...
  20. bigmoose

    Home From Wyoming Antelope & Deer Hunt

    Heading out to Waltman in a couple where did you say that 200" was hanging out CC ? LOL!