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  1. hunter25

    Remington 770 beater rifles

    #1 I know these are really cheap entry level rifles. But just had to shout out my kids just bought 2 on clearance at wal mart with cheap scopes on them for $54 dollars each. One in 270 and the other 308. Regular price is $260 Not sure if this is all stores but figured I'd share.
  2. hunter25

    Africa 2021

    Well I've gone ahead and booked a hunt in south africa for 2021 with my son. After reading all of Jim's reports and joining the african hunting forum I couldn't stop myself. Had been planning Alaska again for a boat based deer hunt but this will actually cost about the same. With multiple...
  3. hunter25

    Blacktail 2021

    So now that we've gotten caribou off the list my son and I are considering a deer hunt on kodiak for 2021. Anybody have experience or recommendations for a boat or lodge based hunt? Prices are all over the place from as low as 2k each to as much as 5k. All offering basically the same services...
  4. hunter25

    Caribou 2019

    Still in fairbanks but finally have time to post some pics. Honestly haven't been on here as much as the new format just isn't as convenient for me. Anyway, had a great hunt with my son in an area east of arctic village. We killed 2 decent bulls on the second day just over half mile from...
  5. hunter25

    Western colrado expo

    Just wondering if anyone went to the new expo last year and if it's worth the time? Couldn't make it last year but might tri this year. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  6. hunter25

    Prayers asked

    Hey guys, I don't usually do this but I'd like to ask for prayers. My son's girlfriend was originally due to deliver my second grandson on may 4th. Earlier this week after a routine doctor visit she was sent to Aspen hospital for further tests. After 3 daily visits she was diagnosed with...
  7. hunter25

    Badlands intake rain pants size m

    New with tags badlands intake rain pants size medium. Never worn. Wife bought them for me last year but I got a little bigger and they seem to run a little small also. $75 shipped if anyone interested. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  8. hunter25

    Texas adventure

    I'm on day 3 of my 6 days off to hunt whitetail in texas. Had a hard time getting here. Blew a u joint on the front driveshaft going over Vail in the snow. No damage other than that so continued without 4x4. Little scary in the weather. Had a blowout 3 hours later. Got the spare on and got...
  9. hunter25

    First caribou

    Well my son and I just returned from our first successful but second caribou hunt. Didn't get the monsters we dreamed of but had a great time. We did see bigger bulls but our lightning attack across the tundra was less than fast enough. Lol Already planning another trip. Thank you again to...
  10. hunter25

    Puerto Rico iguana Hunt

    I took my kids and grandson for a long weekend vacation to go tarpon fishing in Puerto Rico. Just for something different we hunted Iguana with air rifles for a day. Had an amazing time taking around 50 in just over 5 hours. They're supposed to send us some meat but so far haven't come...
  11. hunter25

    Colorado squirrel hunting ?

    Kind of the wrong time to ask this considering big game is underway but I'm always planning ahead and looking for something new. Anyone hunted Abert's squirrels or have an idea where to look for them? I know general areas and what they need and like such as ponderosa pine but it's several...
  12. hunter25

    New guy from Western Colorado

    Hello everyone, just joined in here yesterday. Got referred over from a now dead forum by JimP. My name is Wade and been hunting all my life. 48 years old at this point. Always looking to hunt new game or new States as money allows. Looking forward to sharing here. Doing this on my phone so...