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  1. TN911

    Would you rather?!

    Hello all, I was fortunate enough to draw a Wyoming general elk tag for 2021. Before I drew I was dead set on hunting unit 10 near Laramie. After drawing the tag and doing a lot of research I found out I can hunt a few different units up near Jackson Wyoming during the later part of the rut...
  2. TN911

    Laramie Wyoming activities

    My family and I lucked out in the draw and got UNIT 44 antelope buck tags. We are going to do our hunt in the middle of October due to me being in Kansas on a whitetail hunt for the antelope opener. I'm hoping that I don't ruin our chances at filling our tags by making this decision. The main...
  3. TN911

    Turkey Hunting Unit 85 Colorado

    Hey guys! We are leaving tomorrow for a 5 day turkey hunt in Unit 85 CO. Anyone ever did this hunt? We are excited. Hopefully the birds will be working well. This is my first Merriam hunt. Not sure what to expect when comparing them to the eastern turkey that I have hunted all my life!
  4. TN911

    Looking to trade some whitetail information

    Hey guys, I am planning on going to Kansas next year for an early season muzzle loader hunt. I will be hunting unit 11/14 if we draw. I am looking for some spots to go scout this January so I can have somewhat of a plan together come September.I am looking for a trophy class whitetail. If you...
  5. TN911

    Nikon 8x42 Binos

    I have a set of 8x42 Binos for sale. These are in good shape. I have used them a couple years. Moved into some 10x50 is the only reason for sale. I will ship and accept paypal. Thank you. $100
  6. TN911

    2019 Success!

    For as long as I can remember, I haven't filled both of my Missouri buck tags in the same year. That all changed this year. I am feeling very blessed as this year I did not think we would find the time to spend in the woods that would be needed for success beings that I became a father in June...
  7. TN911


    Hey guys, Have any of you hunted public land in Wisconsin with a rifle for deer? A friend of mine and I are looking into going next year. There is tons of public land and the non-resident tag prices are very inviting. Thanks for ANY info!
  8. TN911

    2019 OTC 2nd rifle elk

    Hey guys, I am planning taking my wife and father in law to Colorado for a OTC elk hunt this October. We will be staying in Laveta, CO. Hunting unit 85. We will have 2 elk tags and a bear tag. I am wondering if we should bother going after bear or just hope that we run into one while elk...
  9. TN911

    Preparing for the hunt

    As some of you may know, I am headed to Colorado for an archery hunt this Thursday. I feel like we have all the equipment needed but I wanted to ask, What are the main things you leave at home and wish you had with you on your hunt? We will be staying in a truck bed camper for 10 days. We are...
  10. TN911

    Elk Decoy

    Thinking about buying a Montana decoy for my archery elk hunt in September. Would anyone like to share their experience using elk decoys? Are they worth packing around?
  11. TN911

    Colorado unit 551 info needed

    My family and I are looking to buy some private ground in unit 551. I haven't been able to hunt the unit yet. Please PM me if you are familiar with this area! I have alot of questions.
  12. TN911


    Does anyone on here use tapatalk to view the forum? I had it on my phone and loved scolling the forum on it but it now says that eastmans forum is no longer available. Any help? Is there another app I can use for the forum?
  13. TN911


    Hey guys, I need a fixed blade 125 grain broadhead to elk hunt with this fall. I would really like them to shoot like my feild tips. Anyone used the slick tricks with success? I also have bought some ramcats but the 1.5" cut diameter is catching alot of cross wind at 50 yards. Thanks!
  14. TN911

    Scouting trip for an archery Bull

    So with the long weekend coming up, my wife and I have decided to take our newborn out to Colorado for a family vaca. I will get about a day and a half worth of driving/walking/glassing in my unit hoping to get familiar with it for my September bow hunt. I thought about taking some cameras...
  15. TN911

    Non-resident Meat Hunt Options

    Hey guys, My wife and I are looking to take my father-in-law on a fun western hunt. He has never been out west and we are looking for a fun, dare I say "easy" meat hunt. I was hoping to go to Wyoming for pronghorn but we were unsuccessful in the draw. We will be bringing our newborn baby with us...
  16. TN911

    Iowa Unit 5

    Hey guys, My parents expect to hunt Unit 5 in Iowa this year for the 2nd gun season. They have been e-scouting the area quite a bit. Mostly thinking about hunting WMA and Walk in land. Any tips you could send my way that I could pass along to them would be awesome. They both trophy hunt. Not...
  17. TN911

    Could of would of should of!

    Wisdom is a powerful thing to have. I am 27 years old and a Missouri resident. I want to address all the guys who have "been there, done that". I currently apply to some simple tags, Colorado elk, Mule deer, Wyoming antelope, and Elk. I am looking for advice from the older guys who wish they...
  18. TN911

    Mapping a DIY hunt

    There are countless maps that can make a hunter successful on a DIY hunt. I use ONX, CPW, and DIYhuntingmaps for most all my hunts, But for this years hunt I am spending hours a week studying maps for an elk hunt. Is there any videos, TV shows or books I can view or buy to teach me how to get...
  19. TN911

    Fairbury Nebraska Turkey

    Hey Guys. A friend and I are headed to Fairbury Nebraska on a spring turkey hunt this week. Has anyone hunted in this area? Wondering what the hunting pressure on public will be like? I will be there for 3 days archery and 2 days shotgun season. Also, any idea what the bird population is like in...
  20. TN911

    Hunting Lease

    Hello all, I have been looking for an archery spring turkey and fall archery or rifle whitetail deer hunting lease in Kansas for quite some time now. I have tried basecamp leases, Hunting lease network, public land, ect.... It may just be me but most of the decent tracts I have found are down...