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    Pope and Young Video

    Here is a new Pope and Young ‘rebranding’ promotional video for Bowhunting. Hope you all enjoy.

    MT Spring Bear (pics)

    Mrs. BOHNTR’s first bear.......a big ol’ pumpkin head from MT. She was pretty happy.....and made a great shot. Of course the pack out wasn’t as enjoyable. :)

    P&Y Announces World Record Velvet Sitka Blacktail Deer

    Special Panel declares a world record velvet Sitka.

    P&Y Announces World Record Velvet Non-Typical Mule Deer

    Link to Press Release

    NEWS RELEASE: P&Y Changes Policy on Velvet Animals

    The P&Y Club has changed their policy on how they treat velvet entries. This should bode well for western bowhunters who chase velvet clad critters.

    AZ Bull Velvet

    Couple trail cam pics of some AZ bulls from a week ago. The first one should be a nice one when he's topped out.

    Last Day AZ Bull

    Here is my 2019 AZ bull arrowed this morning in the rain....... the last day of the season. It was a tough hunt with almost no bugling......I feel blessed and very lucky to come across this bull raking a tree at 36 yards.

    Wife's First Whitetail (Pics)

    I took Mrs. BOHNTR (Anne) on her first whitetail hunt in Kansas this past week. We stayed with some gracious friends and hunted some really neat ground (both private and public). Anne was able to arrow her 4x6 buck at 35 yards while on the ground after I grunted him in for her. He was heart shot...

    2017 CA Archery Bear (pic)

    I was fortunate to arrow this big ol' bear in Northern California yesterday while bowhunting for deer. My last hunt in California is starting to shape up well! Hope you enjoy.
  10. BOHNTR

    Wife's First Deer (pics)

    My wife arrowed her very first deer at 45 yards in the Arizona Desert. To say she was excited would be an understatement. She stalked within 40 yards of his bedded does......when he stood up and walked over to check on them, she let him have it. My grown kids were also in camp and got to join...
  11. BOHNTR

    2016 UT Archery Mule Deer (pic)

    Arrowed him opening morning (Saturday) on the Book Cliffs.
  12. BOHNTR

    Couple CA Gobblers (pics)

    With all the kids grown, my wife decided she wants to get back into archery......and bowhunting. Looks like my regular hunting buddy will have to make some room. :) We took a long ride to Northern California to hunt with some good friends who know turkeys very well. After a few 'practice'...
  13. BOHNTR

    2015 Kansas Whitetail (pics)

    My first whitetail from this past weekend......a P&Y class 10 point from Kansas.
  14. BOHNTR

    CA Hoggin'

    Finally got a few days off during the week and was fortunate enough to chase some wild hogs here in the Golden State with my bow and arrow. Ended up sneaking in on a group of hogs and waited them to feed towards me. At 16 yards, I was able to thread an arrow into the vitals of this 235 hog...
  15. BOHNTR

    CA Archery Turkey (pics)

    Took a trip up north in the Golden State to hunt with a few buds that know how to get it done with turkeys. I ended up arrowing this 5 year old gobbler with a 10 2/8" beard and almost 1.5" spurs! No calling this guy in, I ended up stalking in on him and arrowed him at 30 yards. My best...
  16. BOHNTR

    CA Mule Deer (pics)

    I took the wife and kids camping over the Thanksgiving weekend up in the Eastern Sierra Mountain Range to photograph some deer on the winter range. Only saw one "good" buck and a lot of management type deer. This is a pretty awesome non-typical for the Golden State: Not a bad 4x4...
  17. BOHNTR

    AZ Archery Bobcat

    I'm in Arizona bowhunting deer and spotted this bobcat yesterday morning. After a long stalk, I was able to sneak in on arrow later he was mine. These low desert cats are really red/gray in the area.
  18. BOHNTR

    Morning of Calling (pics)

    Last weekend I drove a few miles from my desert home and did some predator calling......archery style. On my second stand location, this dog came in to 12 yards! One arrow dropped him where he stood. If you look closely, you can see my call (FoxPro Spitfire) under the tree beyond where he's...
  19. BOHNTR

    2012 Bull Elk (pic)

    Arrowed this bull in AZ at 33 yards as he was raking a tree. One of the biggest bodied elk I've shot......about 750 lbs. G&F estimated his age to be about 8.5years old.......just an old freaky, stinky bull. Still in Arizona helping my hunting partners on their hunts by calling and looking at...
  20. BOHNTR

    2011 AZ Coues Deer

    Here's an Arizona Coues deer I arrowed earlier this week: